Question about finish times

Can @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely or any other @scopley tell me why every single level up now finishes at 06:00gmt (10pm PST). Just trying to understand the thinking.

Putting this in as plain and uncomplaining language without applying a common sense suggestion as possible in the hope of an actual response.

If they didn’t answer you the first ten times, they prob won’t answer you now. You just created a similar post yesterday.

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I did indeed Ricky - and it was removed - they mistook my lighthearted banter and pointed criticism of the in game chat censor as abusive.

If I don’t keep asking I am concerned that scopely will think that he game has now reached a state of perfection and everyone is wonderfully happy - can’t be having that.

They won’t give in to the spam tactic. Bad precedent

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I suspect you are right Parker - perhaps I should just accept that they are going to hamstring certain time zones persistently and go back to making snarky comments in region chat. Without using the word “moan” of course as that is banned and gets # out.

Just trying to get an answer so I can actually understand the logic.

It’s all about perception, I went to bed last night in position 29 on lvl up with enough lug nuts to claim Marlon and Rosie this morning. I woke up to position 61 event over and can’t claim them.
My perception is being annoyed once again the timings work against me.
Scopes perception is oh good we helped USA players and screwed Europe again.
And so it will continue no matter how many times we ask for fairness.


The funny thing is the amount of recruiting that goes on requesting strong European players to war on Nightshift.
We are wanted to be strong but not at USA players expense lmao

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The belligerent voice in my head is urging scopely to set the same timetable for March in the hope that it’s the final push I need to stop playing the game entirely

Your comment makes it sound like the players set the event times. Like they want us for war haha but not if events end in our favor.
If i remember correctly for a very long time level ups ended perfect time for euros. I’ve always advicated for rotation of start and end times. They have changed around event times of recent. Hopefully they change them again soon to benifit other players.

Rotation of all events is definitely the best way. Lots of the sr events have benefited us in Europe but really spreading seems fairest

I don’t mind if they rotate times but your perception is way off… if you think a tournament ending at 1pm is helping us players your strongly mistaken. Players choose to stay up past their normal sleep time to compete in a tournament. Where you could have chosen to wake up early to secure your spot. Again, I’m all for rotating but I like in eastern time zone and stayed up because I wanted marlon. It’s a choice I made since I don’t control the end times.

The change to every event ending at 10pm coincided with the change where events became interwoven so you needed to do well in a range of different events, LUp Raid SR etc, then top up with cash to get best rewards.

They know where their spenders live, and at a guess it is primarily west coast of USA, so tailor your events to those most likely to spend.

That’s my opinion anyways.

My perception while in good working order Ricky has absolutely nothing to do with my question.

I am just asking what the logic is in having a fixed time slot for level up events and other events.

Irrespective of advantages or disadvantages to time zones, shift patterns or any other factor - plain and simple - why has scopely decided this is the best way to run its events? It’s not an unreasonable query

I was replying to easy street. He made it seem as though Americans have an advantage. Which is not the case unless you live on the west coast. A tournament ending at 1pm is no advantage.

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I put up the number I think will win or that I want to put up and go to sleep. If I win I win…

Keep Spamming them finish time sucks for uk and I’m good at level up so it fooks me

I would love for it to get over at 6 am in the morning east coast time…I wake up at 5 and would be set!! But staying up till one am is just stupid.

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Apologies for the misunderstanding ricky

My comment came from the fact that every time this comes up, which incidentally is often enough that scopes should pay attention. It normally gets shouted down by those who the status quo favours the most, namely our American friends

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