Question about faction "obs"



So… somebody has written a very serious offense in the “OBS” area of another player in the faction I participate. I’m trying to discover who did this, but nobody wants to admit.
Is there a way of discovering it? I was told scopely has a register of this kind of things but I’m not sure.


Not really but you do need to be assigned a certain title to be able to type something there. Don’t know the name of the title off hand but you can eliminate anyone below that title. It stinks to know you have someone like that on the team. The person who did that will never come forward because thats not what cowards do.


That’d be Runner. Which doesnt really help because it’s the role that is required to start wars therefore most factions use this as a default member role so everyone can start war when needed…


They should make it you can decide who can do what edit other notes should be only allowed by constables and leaders I don’t get why they have it a runner can maybe there own but not others


I’ve had some nasty stuff written about me. If you’re a runner, you can just delete it though.


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