Question about events and their rewards

Scopely, How can you make events with mind blowing rewards such as the pathways event and then absolute jokes of events such as the 4th anniversary and the typhon of crap events? I get it that the pathways event had many “loopholes” and that made it easier for all of us, but even if there weren’t loopholes, the event had actual rewards to grind for, the trainers boxes/ the mods and the chances at 20k coins. Now all we get nowadays are 1000 km long roadmaps with 10 billion refills to spend on and absolute asscracks of toons like zhu and sergio, ew, let’s not forget that even if ftp players do every single milestones they’re still short to get the toon and have to buy offers in the shop, this tactic could actually work if you make the rewards great, but right now it’s doing nothing but demoralizing players. Making the events good are a good way to make money, but well, I won’t do your job for you.


Completely agree. I was shocked at the negative reaction of pathways. I just want more bennies


100% accurate


More supreme crates. Them bennies gon be useful for ascendance and leveling.

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