Question about crossbone boxes

What exactly happens when we are unable to open all of the boxes before piper event ends and we end up getting crossbones and we happen to be like one or two short to get piper because we have zero toons to lvl and have no more room left in our inventory because if we open them all it willcompletely screw us up later when it comes to 2* and our training grounds @JB.Scopely

This won’t be a problem as the chances of getting a crossbone is under 1%. You will just get a bunch of Burts

That’s your choice to make. You either sacrifice roster room or risk having unusable crossbones later. Although it’s unlikely you’ll pull any crossbones anyway.

Having said that it’s ridiculous giving out that many trainers and having them contribute to roster size. It basically forces people to use them all whether they want to or not because they can’t add 2*s to level up any other way.


Imo trainers shouldn’t count towards roster space period


I have this heavy waisted effort feeling as well.

I opened hundreds and hundreds and didn’t get one crossbone… opened 150ish supreme crates and got all Benny’s… My roster is over 4100 currently. I wish I would get lucky just once…

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U got 15 crossbones?

Yea I did some before I transferred regions… I’ve spent a little $ on them as well. Guess that’s what I get for giving these ppl money… overloaded roster and no coins.

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Nice thing is they are updating the depot, could sell some Benny’s for a decent stash

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