Question about collateral damage

Hello guys, i’d like to have some clarify on collateral damage ability of possible. Let’s take Blue Konrad as ex.
So he has double Attack on weapon and collateral damage ability.
Is possible to hit a crit on double attack If is triggered? Let’s Say he hit a crit with First Attack, collateral damage trigger and hit 2 more. Now, double Attack trigger aswell and result in a crit, he hit again 2 more? He can possibly hit 6 times with Just 1 basic? Also, this apply to AR aswell?

Not sure I totally understand the question but yes double hit and his ar can spawn cd. CD itself cannot crit and spawn again of that is what you are asking.

Yes. Critical attacks may occur in both attacks of double attack special.

Yes, because Konrad has Collateral Damage II. Actually, he hits 3 adjacent targets if you hit the central target.

Yes, maximum 8 hits if double attack triggers and he crits in both attacks.

Yes, because his AR is a multi-hit AR. Normal AR can’t deal critical attack, remember that!


ty very much sir


Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply :wink:

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