Question about collateral damage 2 and mods


Maybe an obvious question but with crit damage set mods, does the extra damage they cause also apply to the collateral damage?


Nope, but crit damage works separately crit mods just give you a higher chance of throwing off a Critical hit and that Critical hit gives off more damage the usual. Hope it helps.


Crit DAMAGE mods do increase the damage of collateral damage


One more, any idea how double attack weapons affect it at all? @Bane


Double attack increases the attack of the crit, which increases the crit damage mod set


How does it affect it? i never knew that i always thought mods dont affiliate with special skills.


Collateral II, splashes 100% of the Crit Damage, the Crit Damage mod increases the crit damage by 50% (for a set of 5 gold Crit Damage Mods). So since the Crit attack of the attacking character is increased, so is the amount of damage it splashes. This combined with a double attack weapon are why characters like blue alpha and blue Konrad are able to wipe teams given attack buffs and that the double attacks go off with the collateral II


Same goes for the Waste Not abilty, I’ll let you guys figure that one out :grinning:


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