Question about Ceasefire ---Solved

So, I am pretty brand-new to this game, (a bit over a month and a half) & I haven’t been able to find any information regarding ceasefire. It’s probably around here somewhere, but I’m missing it.

Would anyone please explain to me how my ceasefire begins and what happens if I break it?
I just want to play, so this (seemingly) random (because I’m certain it can’t be random) ceasefire can be very frustrating. Lol

Also, if I do break it, does it effect players in my faction?

Thanks so much! :v::blush:

Just means that nobody can raid your defense for the allotted time. You can find it on your raid screen the ceasefire timer.

Here’s a suggestion… if you keep your materials and food below %10 of the maximum capacity, you then “ghost” and no opponent can find you. It’s a permanent ceasefire.


Ceaesfire is also a personal thing only, so it doesn’t affect your faction in any way.

edit: You also get ceasefire when someone successfully raids you. Once they raid you, there is a 2 hour timer where no one else can raid you. If you break it, people can raid you.

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Okay, great! That’s all I really wanted to know. :grin:
I know it’s a noob question, but I had to know.

Someone had told me never to break it if I want to succeed in the game, but she was new, too, so I had to ask.
Thank you!

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Haha, ‘never’ is a strong word, you might not want to because people can raid you and you lose food, wood, and rep (which is generally useless), but I break my ceasefire fairly often.

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Thank you, Katolo!
I appreciate it. :sun_with_face:
Could you answer one last question real quick, how do I signify that my post/question is resolved?

Just leave it and it will be closed after a few days without activity.

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Great; thank you!

No one can find you in raids but people can still revenge.

Also welcome to RTS Heatherlea!

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Hey Flames, thanks for the welcome!

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Quick tip:Keep your resources low and no one can ever raid you. Only use your resources when you want to upgrade, etc.
Of course, this is only if you don’t wanna be raided.

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It starts as soon as someone raids you and wins. It lasts 2 and a bit hours unless you break it by raiding.

You can buy ceasefire pass thingies in the store.

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Dont buy ceasefire, nobody really cares about ressources that much and later on its only for Raid events. Prestige doesnt matter at all so just dont mind it too much.

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I edited title to solved for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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