Question About Candles Rewards


The candles leaderboard has 6 tiers of rewards. What I am wondering is if I am at teir 1, do i get tiers 2-6 rewards also? I need a human shield for defense, and I am building a ranged team so I don’t necessarily need that Garret. I just wanna see if I will get the human shield garret too.


No, just the tier 1 reward.


I’m assuming not, because then everyone to score in the top tier would get two ascendable Garretts. Of course they gave us two Lees, so it’s possibly, but not likely.


I’m wondering which human shield garrett it is the red or blue one


Theres only 1 human shield garrett the other is konrad you racist


Lol there is a red garret human shield. Think he is in the survival tokens






Oh fk i forgot about him he was super rare


Super super rare


Yea it’s more than likely the red one but if it was the blue I may stay in tier 3 lol


@JB.Scopely any chance you can confirm with the team which Epic Human Shield Garrett it is, from the two pictured above?


No there’s two, red is into the breach
Blue is rts#1


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