Question about Blue Barker and weapon

I pulled blue Barker and need some help with this character. As he put AP down to 3 enemies and his special skill is neutralized can you use him only in an attack team or also in defends? I looked on youtube

channels but can’t find any information about him. Any help is most appreciated.

He can be used on both if you have a limited roster but I expect he will shine on offense against Erika teams.

Mod him for high atk so his 500% can be a kill shot.

You can command him and have another toon rush which is a nice asset. The ap gain always goes to the toon with the highest ap total (not filled) so it’s predictable if you know what your doing. I suspect pairing with tyrese would be ideal so he kill shots early. AP down will keep your opponent from rushing giving an extra turn.

If using with Andrea lead (atk/aAP), weapon should be straight attack with very large or huge ap gain. If with Dwight lead (atk/crit) , give 20% ap, huge ap, to allow him to rush turn 2 and get your offense moving.

Not sure what you have but here’s a possible line up thats all ftp.

Andrea, barker, decap Tyrese, guardian zeke, siddiq