Question about ascending Negan

I have a 5* “Kirkman Series” Negan that I was thinking about ascending. I was wondering, if I do ascend him to 6*, do I lose the special Lucille that he comes with, or can I just equip it again?

Hes trash save your point 4 someone better
And yes you lose hes shit weapon

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Yeah he is hot garbage and to answer your question once you ascend him he loses the weapon and it is gone for ever and it won’t be in your inventory either

Just in case two people saying it isn’t convincing you, he’s a useless 6★. Don’t waste the medals

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He was good at the beginning of 6 stars, but now he’s garbage.


Ur better off giving him mods and using his 5* Because his 6* just sucks.

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It truly amazes me when you still see that huge pile of :poop: in Defence teams. T4 as well. Oh boy what a waste of benedicts, medals, trainers and gear. Don’t do it.

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He is total garbage. To the depo please

like kodak said, dont ascend. if your NEW and dont have alot of leader skills, buff his hp/def as much as you can and use his lead skill for the ap, but yeah. dont waste medals/fodder on him to ascend.

He’s awesome case closed

I know a lot of people don’t like him but there are a few that do so I was just wondering

Listen to the ones who are saying don’t do it… you will regret it if you ascend him.

  1. Yes wwapon is lost

  2. … He’s not effective. Wasn’t effective even when first released. So I’d highly advise going with ascending an alternate toon.