Question about AR mission in scav camp

you can choose the character that get the AR level or all the characters get the AR level?

Only one gets the buff. But you can rig the odds in the favor of the toon whom ar you want to increase by fill the rest of the team with toons whos AR’s maxed already.


It’s random but if you send the one toon you want to get the AR buff on the mission with other toons who are already maxed out then the buff will fall on the character who hasn’t yet reached the maximum. I have a team made up of four 4* players for this very purpose.

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This. Provides a “free lilith” every week or so.

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thanks for the help!!!

Higher in prestige you are two different Ar boost missions will appear and u can run them sometimes at the same time boosting 2 toons a week. I use this as well as attempt to farm lilths from world stages.

Yes this William give you the desired result

Which 2 missions both boost AR? :thinking:

A friendly wager


Free Fallin’


Prestige Mission Free Fallin’ and then there is a non-Prestige mission whose name escapes me

Edit: what @Ianybob said…

One also has a time boost if you complete the team needs. Cant remember which tho.

Ah, I don’t have that one unlocked, no wonder I didn’t think of it.

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A Friendly Wager - it is 7 days in length, but if you run 5xFast toons you can get it to under 5 days, same as Free Fallin’

Word of warning, I definitely experience more trouble getting YGL to appear if I have a prestige mission running at the time.

Anymore complaints? I see that you are circumventing an anned…

Compared to 7 days for a Flak Jacket or 6 days for a Silver Radio, it’s actually great value

No, it’s not random. The AR goes to the lowest value, that’s why you can rig it by putting in other chars that already have maxed AR’s.

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I know what he is talking about. It was a mission that gave you an aiden. I know this cause i used it on my red 3* lee when i started. This was a while ago and i think they removed it tho cause i have not seen it since. The mission gave 25k xp and a aiden. For the life of me i can’t remember the name though.

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