Question about Alpha


Someone posted a video of alpha raiding yesterday i believe, trying to locate it for a fac mate. That or can anyone with dwight or good ranged lead and Alpha + dbl attack weapon. If you also have a command toon so alpha can fire twice, even better. Trying to show them the potential. If you can record it would be greatly appreciated. That or even a youtube link, can’t seem to find any videos.


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Yup. The balance that existed in the 5s Era doesn’t exist any more. Just go all out assault and teams fold, doesn’t matter if they are led by defense + hp leads.

I rush in 1 out of 5 battles. Most are dead by time I would rush. Overall finding the game play boring. Oh well.


This doesn’t work in normal raids only with the tower boosts.Fight top players with Dwight/Alpha you’re gonna come out sore and beaten.


Dwight/Alpha destroys. I use Mira lead however, does that make a difference? Doesn’t matter the teams, simply the weapons. Mira recover stun for the win


Very wrong. Towers just make it ko 2 turns earlier.


As we’ve been 3 manning each other in faction duels I can safely say you are wrong. The Dwight/Alpha combo shreds everything, towers or not.