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Hello there,
i was wondering if teamplay 4 bonus for alert is working properly. I was intentioned on crafting that for my team, but today on onslaught i faced some toons holding this bonus on their weapon, but the % of def increased is not displayed, and also i checked their stats individually but they really didn’t seem buffed somehow, considering the mods and everything. And last but not least, the toon holding the bonus count as one of the “for each of your alert character”? (ex. if i have 3 red and 2 blue, i get 20 or 30% bonus def?)
Thanks in advance

You get 30% bonus if you have 3 reds, the weapon holder doesn’t get the buff however

Also, the buff will be effective at the start of their turn only. So for attack, you have your team buffed, but the defense not… defending teams will gain the alert def buff only after their turn1 starts, where half of their alerts will be dead already…

I have team player 4 on my James weapon, and the attack buff is permanent for all turns, up to 50% atk bonus for 5 strong team mates except James. Working wrong or as intended?

Do a friendly duel against your team with James. Will their atk be increased on the first turn? (Not that it would have made any difference other than to a light ing reflexes toon)

Yes, in the first turn their attack is increased on defense. If you want I can record a video.

Humm, it is inconsistent with the red teamplayer then. You don’t have to record it on video for my sake, but maybe @LadyGeek could bring this up with the devs as a bug?

Yes, please provide video. I can’t recreate because I don’t have these weapons.

There you go. Just like I said for @YSpammer the attack buff provided for strong Team Player 4 keep working for unlimited turns when is their time to attack.

Ok, this is something different than what OP was posting about, and it’s not inconsistent with the red weapon at all.

What’s in your video is exactly how the weapon should work.

At the start of each turn, they get the buff. It doesn’t say only for the first turn. Two things to note about ‘at the start of each turn’:

  1. Because it reapplies, even if you remove the buff (for example, by using Priya’s AS), it will just come back as soon as their turn starts
  2. If you use the relatively rare ‘Attack Up Block’ debuff, you block this weapon’s effects for every character with the debuff. (Edit for clarification: It will still be a +50% attack, but any character with the ‘attack up block’ won’t get the +50% attack.)
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I understood something different when you posted that previously - I understood that their atk is already increased during your atk phase, which your video proves is not the case. They gain attack at the statt of their turn.

It is exactly the same as red TP4 then - they also get their defense buff at the start of their turn only… it’s just completely stupid, because you want the defense buff at the beginning of the duel - your team is severely weakened in 1st turn and might actually lose some of those alerts so that the first turn buff is also greatly reduced…

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