Question about account

One of my old faction mates quit playing due to work/family commitment about a year ago. Now he wants to come back to play but his account went funny when he tried to log on. He did use his Facebook to link in but his game data appeared to be reset, he’s back to level 25 and out of the region he was in. He was a light spender, not f2p.
Can this happen? They just reset everything because they think you aren’t playing anymore. What about the money? Should he claim refunds?

No, it can’t happen.

Either he has cocked up. Or Scopely has.

Considering the week so far, my money is on scopely


He played right from the beginning…don’t think it was him…

Could he have synced the wrong facebook account? Maybe he had a mini-account registered to facebook and never registered the main one? Don’t know. Did he restart playing and overwrite the account synced to his facebook (not sure if this is possible)?

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He did have a mini account which was in our region as well and much higher level than 25. Even that mini account had better progress than this beginner data. Really weird…