Question about 2x chances?


When they told 2x or 3x chances how much is 1x?




I’m pretty sure that the 2x chances were only 2x the chance of that character above other 5* on the wheel. The original odds of pulling a 5* remain the same unless they’ve changed it.



I believe this is correct. They remove a non-promo 5s from the results then place a second entry for the promotion during 2x.

Basically still same odds of receiving a 5s.


The odds are not in your favor.

Many theories about accounts having special odds preset based on age, spending or other random factors.


If memory serves me right, Scopely was unable to calculate the odds of pulling a premier character. If anyone has that post, please quote it. I don’t recall who posted it. Given that what I just said is accurate, they cannot accurately determine x2 and x3 chances.

Anyone that works at scopely, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


Of course they can’t if they are constantly changing to worse…