Quesiton about F2P and Teddy Bears

Hey guys, just to make sure I’m doing this correctly…

This Teddy Bear event…I’m F2P and have 9/10 Teddy’s collected so far.

I’ve done the whole roadmap, completed both of the F2P Teddy Missions both times, and have been using my collected elf hats and turning them in for the 3 tickets, and running that roadmap for the Teddy Bears.

Is this the best way to go about collecting these bears? I know that 1 Princess is completely F2P but should I be a lot further along with my totals? I’m feeling like the 60 bears for the 2nd princess is not possible, right?

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People have been doing arenas for elf hats. Not sure what else. I have been chilling on it so far

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Expect elf hats, silver and gold quills as milestone rewards in the upcoming level ups. It might be possible to get 60 teddy bears. Technically.


I’ve got 15 so far totally f2p.

IMO 60 is doable if you collect elf hats early enough to work through roadmaps and collect most of the teddies from the letter missions (assuming scopely don’t take the mick with another n mission).

425 teddies at this stage, however, seems to cost one helluva lot of real money. And we still don’t know if the cards will be collectibles after the event or not.


I only got 8. I’ll probably hit 9 or 10 today or later this week.

I’m not sure why you state that we should “expect” those. It would potentially be nice, although if we do see them as rewards it will probably only be for the top 1-3 players.

Even the one teddy every 3 days is doubtful now with “level up twice” being added. It just makes you wonder how much worse these event requirements will get.

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I think you about right, the 60 bears is possible, but unlikely for most, you would have to get a hellva lot of elf hats from arena’s and burn a lot of tickets.

hay que conseguir 3 plumas de plata para sacar 12 osos, y hay que hacer muchas entradas en arena y sacar muchos tickets para sacar +1 osos, 60 creo que se puede llegar…los demás lo dudo a menos que scopely regale osos en algún evento.

I used like 15 tickets in arenas to cash in on her in the first missions. Did rm and cashed in tickets plus cashed in missions. That’s honestly the quickest way I’ve found.

I did the bear hunt rm, the other rm, the arenas for hats, and the event missions. That’s the only way I’ve found. And arenas are the best for hats. Then take the tickets and do the ticket rm.

I did it free to play in the first 4 days. Now I have like 15 altogether. Haven’t been able to keep that stamina due to championship ECT. Plus had other events (LU, raid tourney) . I doubt ill make 60 f2p.

Seems as though the bears are becoming harder to get. I’ll honestly be surprised if the second is f2p. Most players won’t be getting the bear for this stretch.

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I got the first 10 rather quickly but since I collected her its like pulling teeth to obtain anymore. Lol. I’m at 15 on day what? 8/9? So yeah I don’t see its free for players to collect a 2nd much less S class. Its a cruel Christmas joke.

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This event is designed to give every active f2p player 2 Princesses and some cards. Collection for S class will stay and probably like with the rest of the S class collections, we will get cards from the choices crates. Elf hats will drop also from wars. So grinding arenas, playing wars and achieving milestones in levelup and sr tournaments are a must to get 2 Princesses in time.

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prolly depends how many arena tokens you have
I got.lucky cause I have collected a bunch in the last few weeks
along with an.easier league I’ve done well and.got 20 bears so far, with 20 arena tickets still

Lol it’s not designed to let f2p get a 7* princess, it’s designed to make you spend. Just like everything scopely does

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What you saying is so obvious that it’s not event worth mentioning. EVERY SINGLE EVENT in this game is monetized so the paying players get the good stuff faster. And this time spenders will get her withing time frame of the event as well.
But that wasn’t the question. The question was if f2p have the chance to get both ascendables. And yes, all riding tickets we have chance to get after heavy grinding alone is more than enough to get 60 teddy bears.
As for the availability of the cards after the event will end i hope i’m not wrong and we will have a chance to get them as well.

If by have a chance you are meaning that like dumber and dumber, then yes. Will anyone actually get 7* princess, nope

I can can agree with that, theres no 7* Princess in game yet.

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