Query about war matchmaking since update 8.5

Hello can anyone post the link or image about the war matchmaking where it’s mentioned about the hardlimit after the 8.5 update?

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I believe this was what you were looking for?

Now for the first time, in dead/almost dead regions, you can face same faction twice in a row

same fac twice in a row is very very welcomed.

Was able to fight for 1st place properly for once.
None of this farming points parallel.

Seems like this was changed very recently. Matchmaking was very different this past weekend, facing the same factions 2-3x in a row. And we are middle ranked faction but seemed to only match the top 3 constantly. It sucked

I’ve noticed that as well. We’ve faced a few factions back-to-back. We’ll see if there is any confirmation of this on any of the other many, many threads regarding war this past weekend. :slight_smile:

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We had back to back with number 1 faction 3 times straight twice, and back to back a few times. I wasn’t that bothered, but wasn’t ideal when faction behind was closing in battling easy factions

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