Quality Of Life Improvement - Attach Weapons

Could you add a feature that allows us to lock a specific weapon to the character of our choosing.

So many times we craft weapons for specific reasons that work alongside our characters abilities, but every time we create a team we have to search that specific weapon to team them up. This is especially annoying in Survival Road.

Just a simple lock on the character that fixes the weapon to them & then can’t be used on any other character unless unlocked.

Make it happen @JB.Scopely, take it to the team.


The game can remember which team we used from our roster on previous versions of the roadmap.

There are only limited “flavours” of Survival Road stages e.g. Strong only with Stun and Attack Down Walkers on the bridge level, or Fast only with Abs Def and Reflect walkers on the Speedway level.

Why can’t the game remember the last team we used on each “flavour of SR stage”?

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That would bug me, i don’t want to have to unlock weapons from a locked toon when i am doing sr, just one more step to make it more annoying

But I do think we should just have the ability to have access to our teams for sr , make that happen scopely

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