Quality of life additions?


Been playing the game for 2 years now and I am shocked that these simple things have not been added yet.

Buying and Selling items - Can we have a way to sell more than 1? I mean this is just crazy how this has not been touched in years/ever. I understand that you are probably concerned about layout space to add this (giving the benefit of the doubt here) but you can have something like IF buy/sell is held down for 5 seconds the buy/sell is increased by 1 so its a slow increase. This to me would be a very simple addition as you would not have to alter any UI so you wont have to worry about layout designs messing up.

Auto Play mode with no Adrenaline Rushes used - If I have to farm the shit out of a level where I don’t need ARs to win then I should have the ability to auto play a farm level and not have ARs going to save time. You all may not think this is a big deal and to those who say that… you have not truly farmed for an upcoming event.

When raiding can we please see the team grade of our opponent and not have to hit the “i” button every time to see someones team grade? There is plenty of space in the layout to show a S3 or S1++. If you are still confused about the location I am talking about its where you can tap, " Attack" and “Find New Opponent” as I feel this is where the team grade should also be displayed to remove the monotonous and mundane actions to just get the most important information about my opponent which can range from 1-4 characters (A - S3++). From what I can see this is the only game where I have to do this much work to see just a simple arbitrary number to represent my opponents strength.


There’s been an enhancement logged for the selling of items being non-ideal already, which will hopefully be addressed sooner than later.

Will log an issue for an option to disable AR usage when using auto-combat as I do definitely agree that that should be an option.

And will also log an enhancement for being able to see the opponent’s team grade when you find an opponent when raiding as it shouldn’t take too much work to add to improve the gameplay.

Пропускания ходов

Disabling AR would be great. Disabling ACTIVE SKILL would be a perfect addition!


Is there also a possibility that we can click the character portraits in raid logs just like we can in territories? So we can see the character details and such.


Script for defense! So your team can attack in whatever way you want on defense if not inhibited by stuns etc

Like you can set up toon A to be commanded by toon C turn 2 etc


Ya, the enhancement I logged was a toggle for each



Omg yes! You clearly do play the game :smiley:

Is it pushing my luck to request no more zoom on final kill? Or even better, take away the wait time when last opponent’s toon to take a turn has a healing animation applied to them? Valuable seconds during war.


Thank you for logging & thank you for the response.


This is why you’re our favourite


Would there be any chance of adding a separate roster including multiple team set ups solely for Survival Road, gets rather frustrating having to rebuild an entire team from scratch 150 times in a tournament inducing weapon selection.

Many of the team build restrictions a repeated numerous times, if we could save maybe 7 or 8 teams just in the SR section it would be significantly appreciated.


Yes, yes a thousand times yes!!

My god picture it… that would be grand!


Are you my wife by any chance?


Hahahaha Class


I’ll bring it up with design, but I wouldn’t expect much for this as it’d be quite a bit of work and take away from time developing other features.

Additionally, because Faction Assault has the Autofill button to quickly set your team, I’d logged an enhancement for that to be added to Survival Road, so that will be available in 9.1 when that’s released




There is an autofill for SR though.


Ah, nevermind. Didn’t realize it was added to 9.0.X as opposed to 9.1


It’s ok CombatMan,



Would it be possible for that auto-fill to be a little more intuitive? I’m not talking about perfect team composition, but two things I almost always have to change after an autofill:

  • Putting in a leader who has a leader skill
  • Putting in crit weapons if there’ll be zombies to kill

If it can consider the leader based on colour & crit skill for zombies then even better!


Another tester logged an enhancement for considering leader skill with the autofill, so it is on the radar.