Qty of Rewards in Solo Level Ups are getting Less and Less


Not noticeable at first until you really look at the numbers in the bottom at least with legendary medals.


Week before:

And before that:


Support gets to keep anything they don’t give away as prizes.
Kinda like the employees of Dunk’n Doughnuts get to take home any doughnuts they don’t sell you at the end of the day.
No need in letting those extra pixels go to waste… you know how difficult they are to farm-raise then sell to the whales.


Tournament rewards have been on the decline since forever but the good news is the “deals” just keep popping up more and more often.

Keep spending…er surviving!


If only the content creators were as diligent as the offer creators.

Wheel updates? 1.25 times a year
Legacy toons? 5 per year (if lucky)
Offer updates? 7 per hour!

Way to go offer team… you are really earning your keep

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