QQ (Rocketman) Abe

I got sick of things and cracked got the rocket abe offer, any special tips like what i should run should i max his ap ? thanks in advance

from what i recall on prev threads:

You want him to rush turn 3, let the walker waves build up so his rush clears all of them.
Use with mirabelle lead

And how to setup his weapon? Some dmg buff could be useful, right?

Blue andrea lead for ap bonus, i added huge ap on attack and this setup works fine, mira lead is not needed as walkers in towers will all die anyway

Think of him as Kim Jong Un.

Theoretically a big threat, but in all practical matters a joke.

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Also applies to what I’m packing in my boxers.


Sorry to hear that man

or woman

Or furry lmao :joy:

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I have 2 now, maxed ar, use behind 5* Andrea. I put crit on his weapons.

I have yet to try 2 in my tower team however.

No need for apologies broski, I overcompensate by having a stacked 6* promo roster - really gets the girls shakey at the knees :unamused:

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I suggest you pack his bags last night, pre-flight

Zero hour is 9AM

And he’s gonna be hiiiiigh as a kite by then


Well. I guess its gonna be a longlong time.

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People have said Tough Andrea leader with no AR upgrade is fastest for leader not sure if this is true.

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