QQ now that telltale is going under

So I heard that they’re ending the season on episode 2 and not working on 3 and 4. Has this been confirmed or denied?

They cut corners and greed overtook them.
Spitting out as many games as possible in little time.

Expanded way too fast after Walking Dead.

Bet the owners don’t care and still took money away like what would happen if Scopley went the same way.

I enjoyed all there story’s pretty much.
But would never buy them when launched as you would have to wait a month or 2 for next episode.

Most wanted to binge play through them all.
Which hurt Telltale…people lost interest.

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Wrong season but okay.


Why would scopely die? They make millions off whales and the game costs almost nothing to run. By the time rts dies off they’ll go with a new brand.


How so? Explain

I briefly skimmed all 4 articles, and the closest thing that I read that could be interpreted as “RTS shutting down being a financially beneficial choice” is that RTS loses some profit due royalties. Arguably, being an external IP is one of the reason why it has even gained interest in many players. So one could say the royalties paid is made up from its known popularity.

But it still doesn’t definitely say that shutting down RTS would be financially beneficial.

I’m not talking about them picking another brand. I’m talking about the part where you said it’s financially beneficial for them to shut down RTS. Many companies pick up other brands to diversify; it isn’t uncommon. And yes, RTS might not generate as much revenue sooner or later, but as of right now, there’s no evidence that suggests them shutting down RTS would be financially beneficial.

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Basically a good amount of 6*s are telltale am I right ? Yes

No more Telltale Seasons/Episodes = No more new telltale toons for rts

So by far now scopley has to count on the comics to get new characters to add into game

So now that we got that out of the way and telltale is gone We expect the ascendables list to finish faster because Scopley doesn’t have to rush to make any new telltale character

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Only about less than 10 6*s are Telltale… way off from being the majority.

Some don’t even have the telltale print even though some are

I’m not arguing with that concept because it’s a pretty common business practice. But again, in the four articles you linked, they even state that RTS is within Scopely’s top 2 products. There’s no mention on how profitable they are on RTS, or that RTS is currently going through the skeleton crew phase.

Your argument is correct in the sense that sooner or later, the plug will be pulled on RTS, but none of the evidence you linked supports that.

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I know, I counted about 8 only.

Can we get a rip for the characters that would have been introduced in episodes 3 and 4 for the Final Season?

If you bought the season pass you won’t get the other 2 episodes of what you already payed for telltale are gone so ask yourself is that new 5/6 star toon worth £100 when scopley could go the same way tomorrow (with this game) and all you’ll have is your screen shots of it…

played all of their games and i must say that i knew they will bankrupt one day. Their games were fine, some better and some worse. Michonne is good for every comic fan. GoT was really good in choices though the graphics looks really bad. Tales was amazing i wont forget it :). TWD 1 amazing too the 2 season was okay the 3 season was fun and enjoyed new story of new characters. Final season totall dissapoinment. Batman series are good too and i liked alternative version of Joker. Minecraft? Its kinda a big suprise because i enjoyed it. oh and Wolf same as Tales, masterpiece :wink:

Yes, they will go bankrupt since the large majority of their games are so good or amazing lol…

You do realize they are actually pumping more development into RTS and making more than ever before, pleasing their initial lenders? Only thing you have right was the skeleton crew (tech support) which has never changed. There is always that 50/50 chance of something internally causing RTS to fold and that’s what your grasping onto with your very first reply. This game is giving them hard cash and that’s the only trend they follow.

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Scopely should do a game of thrones clone of this game… I want a 6* tyrian. . And a 6* kahleesi

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