QQ now that telltale is going under

Many stories and employees point out the company was mismanaged only cared about making games and money, they lasted a good some years and had some hits so my qq is how long till this company goes under?

Scopley clearly safe with their excellent customer service and dedication to the gaming experience


I’d give it a year. 2 at the latest

What are they supposed to care about other than making “games” & “money”?
They are a business in the industry of gaming.

I’m being serious here, what’s the problem Telltale are having?

Typically taking time and making an actual game in return gives you profit rts is basically a credit card simulator or be a slave and try to make it as f2p

Yes but what has that got to do with Telltale Games?

I think you are posting on the wrong forum dude, you need to go here instead:

Telltale is going under because they shit out poor quality games that never changed which is similiar to this game

Their games are about the story lines, acting, scripts, directing etc.

That the game mechanics are repetitive is irrelevant to their brand identity.

That said, I haven’t played any of their games lately, do their plots & characters suck now?

The 1st 2 Walking Dead ones & Game of Thrones were both great.

Indeed, its a Dopamine dealer


S3 was a pointless mess as was the Michonne game and game of thrones was meh plus they are just now after so many years updating their engine

Fair enough.
Indeed, better graphics wouldn’t kill them.

As it happens I got Michonne during the summer sale, and I will be playing just as soon as I finish Darkest Dungeon, have heard that it’s sub-par though.

Personally I felt that GoT did a fine job it capturing the constant moral ambiguity and sense of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” of the TV show/book.

Plus the whole choices really matter was all bullshit as they were rushed to make the games so no matter what you do someone dies or this and that

Not necessarily… They have great hits, while others simply do not attract interest.

IMO, what hurts them is their price point and how their games can easily be experienced via Youtube videos. Each episode is sold for about $5? The amount of time and effort they put into it requires a lot of sales to make profit, I’d imagine. Since their games also aren’t gameplay heavy, anyone can just go on Youtube and watch the series to get the story. This is far different from other games where gameplay becomes a core enjoyment of the product.

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Telltale got the bad ending lol


So I heard that they’re ending the season on episode 2 and not working on 3 and 4. Has this been confirmed or denied?

They cut corners and greed overtook them.
Spitting out as many games as possible in little time.

Expanded way too fast after Walking Dead.

Bet the owners don’t care and still took money away like what would happen if Scopley went the same way.

I enjoyed all there story’s pretty much.
But would never buy them when launched as you would have to wait a month or 2 for next episode.

Most wanted to binge play through them all.
Which hurt Telltale…people lost interest.

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Wrong season but okay.


Why would scopely die? They make millions off whales and the game costs almost nothing to run. By the time rts dies off they’ll go with a new brand.