QoL suggestions

Hello all you creative players! I’ve been compiling QoL (Quality of Life) suggestions and would like to get the ball rolling here on the forums as well. What changes would make your gameplay more enjoyable? I’m not talking drastic game mechanics overhaul or things that would massively shift the balance of the game, but we all have been frustrated by something in the game (why tf can’t we long-press on territories and collect all?)

What’s on your wish list?


Maybe bring a warning when collecting scavenger missions like would you like to collect -said mission- yes or no

Late edit just thought of a good one :slight_smile:

A hard mode for worldmap (since we are waiting for new stages)


You just nailed it. Lol

The scav collect thing
Territories crashes
No short SR events and/or cans as completion reward for gold and above.
A way to reliably get ascendable tokens other than the 5 a day from the shop (roadmap or even RNG 5-25 or something)
Remove 3* toons from… everything. Even 4* are insulting now.
Slim down the sequential weapon.mod effects when raiding - it interrupts rhythm.
Don’t ever use the rise to power leaderboard again.

There will be more…


Slider for food buys in Gear Depot.


Not getting sh8t on Everytime I pull for someone


More % for 5* in training grounds
1-3 day suply depo refresh
Legancy characters 2 per week not 2 per 4 months
Drop SR cans from stages or from completing Sr like 1 bronze 2 silver etc.
More events,roadmaps or rewards with elite character whell
Coins as rewards(Faction events)
No more events shorter than 1day 12 hrs(exept raid)
incrace player level to 175 or 200(Plese do it ASAP)
More weapon effects posible to craft in armory like cofuse on attacking or 400 bleed
No more f2p characters in whells like Year 3 aniversary like ezekiel connor or gov(but gov is preety ok)
Better help in game
When you pull someone in whell you have 50%less chance to get him for next 5 pulls
Stashes with characters(like year 3 aniversary but in stash then you cant get 3 ezekiels…)
More options to get p2p characters(add to suply depo or to ascension(like romanow))
Odds in ascension how many % you have to drop someone
And Prestege points lower to 200 000 for tier 15(maximum) or 1500 points per log in(maximum)

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  • A Huge Update to the Ascendance list with the addition of a bunch of characters, but also the removal of Others. In the next step somethink like filter with multiple categories
  1. Tier 1 (Fooder = Bad 5* like Vernon, Red Beanie Abe, Green Earl…)
  2. Tier 2 (Descent Toons = Green Siddiq, Derek, Jackson…)
  3. Tier 3 (Great Toons = Mostly 5* Characters trapped in Premier)
  4. Tier 4 (Ascendable)

The would change the cost starting the following:
Tier 1 = 30k
Tier 2 = 50k
Tier 3 = 75k
Tier 4 = 100k

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Good idea and remember 2 ascendeble (legancy)per week.

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i wouldn`t mind being able to watch a few ads a day to get some coins, you know like a normal player does

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For Basic QoL we can look for bug fixes , minor game play improvements or evolution

Some good suggestions here, but I think other than war events, the game characters have evolved beyond the game. For instance the World Map, Survival Road, Basic Tokens, Helper Tokens, Most Road Maps, Daily Rewards, Radio Road maps are all pointless and are nothing more than Auto Play activities for most players.

I would gladly look past some of the minor issues and inconveniences for advanced game play and reintroduction of the strategy aspect.

Until that happens my wish list (sorry if duplicates):
Fix SR Resets
Territory Crashes or Territory reset to Walkers
Increase food purchase with Gear Markers say 500K at a time
Make it Easier to Disassemble weapons
Easier to get coins (Videos and tapjoy does not work for me)
Increase Player Level
Increase Town and Building levels
Increase roster cap


A improved supply Depot. It would be nice if they all reset daily and they were updated with things that are needed in the new meta.

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Here are a few of mine I would love to see implemented into the game:

  • Arrows to scroll through all lists (inventory and toons). I hate swiping.
  • Trainers need to stack and be removed from counting against the cap.
  • A separate team loadout for survival road. I would like to save preset teams I use for every situation.

Thank you


Remove 4stars from Prestige wheel, those aren’t prestigious anymore.


Removing 1* , they don’t bring any value apart and take space for nothing.
Ascendance crate: increasing the number of golden medals


Bring back the farmable gear maps & act 2 of the ascendance roadmap. It was for the Legendary medals


Ability to scroll or click through status in combat. Maybe show vertical list of status applied to selected character on far right behind the team.

Long click on territories to collect.

Roster teams extended and categorized

Roster selection not being a 2 minute scroll effort. I like the zoom out used in avatar selection.

Roster fill being roll oriented.

Mods swapping between toons screen or pop up to show whom it’s on and ask to swap without switching to character u equip and return. Hard to navigate.

Value in my 600k supply depot pts. Change to daily. Routine rotation. Monthly offer.

Good from gear depot can select multiple or 10x Or add 1m food to selection.

Improved personal war/raid statistics. Total wars, total camps W, L, battle W, L, total damage. I would visit external site to check this out, doesn’t need to be in app.


Mod scraps! Need to be cheaper and please why do we have to pay to remove/swap mods. Its ridiculous


Massive improvement for a very small change :+1:t2:

If one change is made, it should be this.

Bravo to the devs for stopping the storage full pop ups btw.

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When searching for an opponent in raids, having the ability to chose any one from 5\6\7 at a time rather than just the one.