QOL Request on Territories


If Scopely plans to continue to refuse to address the issues leagues have caused with terrorities, can you guys at least make one small fix, and allow us to turn off the pop ups that come up everytime we log in? They crash the game, and delay being able to do anything. Plus, we have to click through all of them again once we actually go into territories. It is redundant, and annoying. Thanks for your consideration.


100% this.

Get rid of trophies from territories. It’s doing absolutely nothing but angering everyone in the game. Every single spot gets walkered now. The small and medium factions have zero chance to hold them anymore.

I know you only have 4 events so why not come up with a few more that you can award trophies instead of trying to shoehorn them into the crashfest better known as territories.


they just need to fix territories in general, including what has happened since leagues started. But I think scopley wanted to do this…push factions to fight each other. But now what? Territories are broken almost beyond repair at this point.


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