Qneed some help

Hi guys, I need your help, I’m from Berrian, a once thriving happy region, but out top factions have moved on leaving a bit of a vacuum.There are some good factions and some good players and we try to work together as a region.

I’m looking for fresh blood, if your region has been taken over by whales join us, is your region dead? Join us. I’m trying to drag more life out the game, anyone is welcome.

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But what if more whales show up?

And why is this tagged with bug and broken-pos?

Cue whales moving to Berrian in 3…2…

I’m doing the opposite. I want people to leave my region so there’s less competition.

Let’s make it happen.

Whales don’t bother me tbh, as for the tags, meh, i couldn’t delete them

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