Put the war refills back in the rewards plz

I was so excited knowing war was around the corner. just to find out you took the war energy refills out of the rewards when attacking a camp. Seriously? do you think its gonna make me buy energy in the store? do you.think you get rewarded for pissing people of? put the refill rewards back plz.

What’s your sample size?

First battle got me 1 refill already.

Was wondering that myself. Burnt 10 cans already and no drops

Used 2 cans, got 2 cans

Update: 17 cans and got a drop:)

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this is what i am talking about. dont spend any money on them, dont reward this scumbad behaviour

You still didn’t say what your sample size was…

Other players are getting refills when you claim they stop dropping.

Im down 11 war cans. They feel like theyre dropping less for me.

I went from 70 to 81 now down to 77 cans :pensive: they been dropping heavy at times and none at sometimes

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