Put S-class Batman in the game

Common don’t you have connections with telltale?
We can do this for halloween
ftp gets 5 star version.
He can do the Jesus kick and throw his Batarang for his AR
AS summons the batmobile and fires it’s guns.


Think Dc owns Batman trademark
So dont think we wanna pay what the license cost.


Is this a joke?

No Telltale anymore :frowning:

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Batman: “The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”


That batman looking a little like a fatman

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I would think about spending for this

It’s not a joke. Fortnite put Batman and the Avengers in the game.
Just wondering why other games can’t make this happen.

Money make the world go round.

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Fortnut is bad doe

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Smh, it’s the walking dead. Batman has nothing to do with it even when theres a telltale batman game

Then tell Scopely to stop making poor character models with developers likeness and make characters that actually look like survivors, 6* and S class ones at that. Some of these models have been too clean for the apocalypse and off to what the old ones used to be. Batman would be better.

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