Put Princess in the new wheel

She’s not good enough to stay behind the p2p wall, if you put her in the wheel in might convince some comic readers to spend to try for her :slight_smile: @JB.Scopely


They convinced comic readers to spend to try for her by putting her behind the paywall, so I’m not sure what putting her in the wheel would do. I wouldn’t want to pull her while there are some better toons in the wheel.

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Exactly she’s crap and absolute garbage, more reason to put her in the wheel. Think about it

“Not good enough to stay behind the p2p wall”

2 seconds later

“might convince some comic readers to spend to try for her”


Currently tho Princess is best character in the comic , theres a guy that duel wields axes, rest of the new characters in the current arc are unlikeable , so i can see why they are keeping princess as a pay only to get the comic fans a buying

Maybe she will be in a christmas wheel, but this is turkey day, a day for being thankfull for what you got, followed by a day of trampling people to death for stuff you dont got

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I’d love it if they put princess in the wheel I did 90 pulls for her when she came out and didn’t get her :pensive:

i dunno about you but shes pretty awesome to me.

just a steady stream of bleed, taunt, stun, and maim. lydias and jesus’ cant keep up with all that noise lol.


Yeah she can lockdown a team, with a stun resist and reflect to bust shields she is just nice. Not fastest killer but she can take out any team. Don’t bother with huge to taking it still even with her taunt stinks go with ap on hit.

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That makes sense though, if you like the character, then spending will hurt less cause they like the character and will spend no matter the stats

@JB.Scopely get her in the wheel plz

This aged ok

One thread that actually had a promising outcome. What do ya know?

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I know nothing.


Ily too…


Shes in the new museum event best looking toon of the 3

I disagree but I’m happy to see her there. Looks like someone out there listened to this thread or it’s just a rather nice coincidence.

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