Put erika in the musuem


Put her in and let her cost the total of the rest of the events max milestones

And then HAMMER us with events


nope. never gonna happen lol. im kinda glad i got her in a 2 pull lol. i hope she never comes back lol


Lol. Fingers crossed that lori is 40hp 40def leader


haha wont happen shes a ascendable from old 5* so wont happen. only time youll get close to erika is from premier recruits


Carl had neutralize as 5* and turned into a 40hp 40 def leader.

Lori has neutralize as 5* and a TBD in her leader skill slot so she could too.


Like that will ever happen… Lol… But really we need a free 40def and 40hp for range


Lol with everyone hyping up Lori and her lead skill expect it to be “huge bonus to ap when taking damage for ranged and large drop chance”


Probably :sob:


You could try for Erika buy spending on the scamprize box
Or wait to see who’s on the next list I think it comes this week


Lori will give 36+ critics for reds. Do not expect too much from her


But Barker did not… Maybe Lori is Barker… Red.


Picture of this?


If anyone can put Carl teams in their place it should be his momma.


Ooooh, large drop!


If you analyze well, there is still no Red leader with +36 critica.

I hope I’m wrong.

Critic leaders:
Yellow: Barker, Connor;
Blue: Dwight ;
Green: Abraham, Aaron; (Not yet released)
Red:??? Nothing


Sorry for saying this, but it would be very silly…she should stay as an PTP character…Even though, I don’t have her and really would like to get that toon


Lopez has +36 crit, 4 Star Kelly too


…??? Six stars???


Oh man… if she has a shield… my team might get a defend or two lol


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