Put Daily Limits on Transfers - Factions Invading Regions


Whole factions invading other healthier regions are starting to kill this game. The original factions being invaded end up being kicked out or retiring and the region slowly ends up dying again. It becomes a never ending cycle.

There should be a limit placed on the number of people from the same region who transfers out to a new region per day.

If there’s a limit placed on 1 person that they can’t transfer out until again 10 days after, then something similar should be placed on regions to limit whole faction invasion.


Put a limit of 5 transfers from one region to another for at least 5 days.

Let’s say if 10 people from Chatooga all transfers out to Pulaski, then Pulaski will be closed from anymore Chatooga transfers for 5 days. This would limit a whole faction of 30 to just keep invading new regions in just a day or two. In this example, a whole faction of 30 can still transfer over, but now it would take them a total of 15 days for all 30 members to transfer.


no. never. absolutely not.


This ain’t it chief


But then they couldn’t sell transfer keys…


That’s just a silly idea. The only reason most people play the game is because of their faction, and you want to stop factions from moving together at once? And to also kill the opportunity for a top faction to face another top faction?


You could always… i don’t know… transfer?


Yes. They have CRW. And kill what opportunity? The whole faction can all still transfer over but it would take them x amount of days to do so and not just immediately.


Lmao, Scopely doesn’t match the regions with any regard to the strength of factions in them.


so what happens to them during faction events that take place in those x amount of days?
this is a poorly thought out idea that adds nothing and reeks of the “its not fair that a better faction moved in” brand of crying.


Then they miss out.

Purpose of this is to LIMIT factions from invading.

Instead of just thinking “Hey we really suck in our region, let’s all transfer and invade a newer region and take 1st place over there instead”, they’ll now have to think twice. Even though they can all still transfer, they would miss out on some tournaments.

It’s a fair a balance.

Give and take. Rather than just take, take, take.


Nope, bad idea.


Its a bad idea like if they are moving and its a war coming then they cant play it and it will destroy everything

Its better to just face it and be happy for the help in crw

I really dont see the problem it they come to your region its more ppl to play agenst and its better for crw

it sounds more like the problem is whit the ppl in your region if they cant handel to not be on top or need to fight for it then they maybe need to play a non player vs player game


I don’t mind this idea, but 10 day wait is too long. Cut that in half or less like 3-5 day wait and I say that’s more fair.

Our region which is an English region and shall be named anonymous, got like 3 new factions, 2 of them Russian. We don’t mind because they couldn’t take 1st place from us, but man, global chat became unreadable jiberrish.

If another non-English faction comes over, I’m leaving :joy:


It’s against the entire spirit of transfer, which is to let players choose which region and players they want to play the game with.


Is it fair?

I mean it sounds like you are losing so are not the better faction. As such, how is that that you are more deserving of the rewards than those who transfered in?

Some would say it’s unfair you collected rewards where in other places they had to work harder for less.

Fair is subjective.


Transfers exist for one and only one reason and that is for them to make money off of.

Scibbibly wants your money. Take words like fair and balanced and flush them because they don’t exist around these parts. Never have, never will.

Good news is “rewards” are at an new all-time low so you’re pretty much not missing out on anything by taking a step back right now. Drug kits and item tokens? :rofl:

The only reason to play is CRW and the occasional event where it’s not burried behind a paywall and they offer up a few crumbs. Like Maggie or John and their weapons.


Then why let ppl purchase a faction transfer key?!


Seriously a lot of people don’t know how to read.

The idea is not to eliminate transfers, it’s just to LIMIT # of transfers per day.

Reading is good.


10 was just used as an example because 10 is the number Scopley used to give players x amount of days before they can transfer out again.

But yes 3-5 days sounds ideal. 3-5 days means at least a week or two max having to wait. That sounds fine.


Seems like everyone can read just fine, they just don’t like your idea. You being upset that your idea was almost unanimously rejected here is basically the same as you being mad that better factions than yours moved to your region. It’s not the best look.