Put Carl and Mira in the supply depot

And only put ascendables in there.No point in using 55k supply points for characters you can’t get to Legendary.


Well they claim to be making all the 5 stars ascendable one day. Probably in a few years considering this game survives that long.


IIn this case all ascendable 5 stars include the op one should be available there

Someone got Carl and Mira some don’t. Yet they might also want some toons you have and they don’t.

Got to be fair

Or else. Bet for own luck

Different toon meant for different destiny
Every one has their own path

Gov and Glenn is ascendable and the wanderer is going to be soon

Just make the ascendable ones 55k and the ones that are not maybe 15k. Because those are useful to new players and give them the chance to catch up to us. And we can buy them as 6* fodder instead of benedicts.

Yes, put the Carl in the depot

Put the pedal to the metal

Put the lime in the coconut

We need all these things. Mostly the first one though.

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Got the wanderer. Now waiting for Carl. Scopley must really want me to buy scout from the sd, he keeps popping up on my sd.

At the rate they’re releasing them, it’ll be decades

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