Put 5* ascendable Carl in the depot!


So I am one of those people without a Carl and have to use Vincent as an alternate option. The problem is Vincent sucks majorly and goes down quick af. Every single pull from 5* recruits has been a duplicate recently and this is someone with a majorly small roster. I ask please add Carl to the SD. What if new players don’t have Carl, Mirabelle or Vincent and are F2P? How do you expect them to get a common lead toon when they aren’t even obtainable without rng wheels?


Everytime i do a 5* pull i cross my fingers for a Carl, but no luck. So I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the depot.


I’d rather see more alternatives to round out the different traits than more Carl.

War is… Carl, Carl, Erika Carl, Mirabell, Carl Erika, Carl… Lol


yeah man it sucks :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s exactly why we’ll never see Carl in the depot, they don’t want even more Carl teams in the meta.


He’s not so great I don’t see why not


Carl’s you say!?!?!?

My Chattahoochee region.


You know how you fix that. More f2p diversity, but… The 66-76 AP toons do not benefit from AP leads (since most have these on weapons weapon) and the high atk stats tear through anything without defense bonus.


Usually p2p has no luck on free toons
F2P has no luck on premium with hard earn money

Carl is for f2p to against the whale who want to dominate

I see most big spender they got Michonne Disarm Dante Bruce whatever

Yet they just can’t get Carl or Shiva or Glenn

That’s Fair Haha

And if you are f2p most of the time and click ads daily

Trust me. You will have Carl very soon
Good Luck


I’m at probably 100 pulls off of the 5* wheel with no Carl but I have 3x Shiva and 2x Negan and 3x Mira


Try saving up the tokens until you can do a 10 pull. I tend to have better luck getting someone I want that way.


I have 3 Carl’s, I never understand why One person will keep getting the same toons/gear when they don’t need them


I am carl less in my main region…and pulled him early in my alternate ftp region so he does show… just keep an eye out for him.


What they need to do add at least half a dozen more legacy toons to the Depot overall. Regular epics show up all the time and I have yet to see one in weeks. The Depot is pretty much the only way for a guaranteed toon. Wheels are a gamble.


Ive got 5 :frowning:


5!?!?!? That’s overkill bud lmao.


Yeah, but instead a bunch of junk toons we added, nice for collections, not good for much needed ascendables for some.


Yea…but that fool keeps dropping


Who the hell needs Skylar or Scout anyways? Give me Ty or ALW Andrea.

By the way, I accidentally replied to your post instead of the original one. Sorry about that.


i have 11 ascendable toons…all but two from single pulls on the wheel…im ftp…just gotta keep on keeping on…im only ranked 204 but i frequently best rank 70 and higher players…all about team setup and weapon mods…and a good knowledge of toon stats and skills…most teams have an order of attack that can be used to pick apart much better teams…i have 0 carls but 3 mira and 2 negans…taunt toons shut down carls…so long as glen is taken care of…my favorite toon is a 5 star…michone rts4…she a beast with impair on defense weapon…