Purposeful Self Demoters Ruining Lower Level Solo Leagues

Started playing Oct '18 and was set to finally hit the platinum league for the first time this season. Trying to max out my Governor and his gear is in the platinum store. I was so damn close I could taste it!

With the current “re-tooling” of the coin system people are purposefully getting demoted to rank high in lower leagues for the gold are ruining it for those of us that yes, want some gold but also need to get to the platinum store for gear! The way it’s going now I’m not sure I’ll ever get there.

I’ll “keep surviving” but F.F.S. - did scopely really not see this coming or was this done to encourage new/lower level players to open their wallets!?

To paraphrase Gomez Addams, “dirty pool scopely, I don’t like it”.


Has there really been enough time for that many high level players to drop low enough to make the right for promo from Gold V so hard?

Because anyone worth their salt would be an idiot to drop out of Platinum I as a strategy to get coins


I dropped from plat 5 to plat 1 on purpose. It’s all done during qualification so only took a week.

Ditto. :+1:

Yeah but, OP is obviously in Gold - otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to get to Platinum. People like you are dropping to Plat 1 but not lower, so shouldn’t impact people trying to get into Plat 1…

God you guys will just complain about everything, won’t you? Waaaambulance is on the way.

Oh no, I don’t have a free ride and a handout anymore. I have to work for it in a part of the game that was supposed to promote activity (and spending). Oh no.

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Looks like this spender is tired of being smacked by ftp noobs. Lol

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Not our fault, they made it more appealing to fail, they fixed something that wasn’t broken. Now some diy fix it themselves


Yeah, that’s why I said I was paraphrasing him. Learn more words!

How about learning what ‘to paraphrase’ means?

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