Purpose of this forum


It’s not a malicious post or anything but I just wanted to ask if Kalishane is still commenting on posts or has she stuck to her resolution of posting something only when she knows it’s 100% sure to happen?

I’ve been a forum user since the hame started and I’d always look for the hints etc from the community managers. Recently i have not seen anything posted by Kalishane apart from the very few official announcement posts. So what is really the purpose of this forum in this case? Players answering other players posts? thats what my faction members can do and I will end up with the same amount of contrasting and polarised ideas and suggestions as here.if the community manager will resort only to official announcements i may as well stick to the annoying icon “announcements” on my game screen and get it all there.

What was the point of the new forum and her role if she’s not communicating with the players community?

I might have got it allwrong and if so I apologise if I have missed all her comments and interactions…


Point of forum is for some fun, for letting steam out for others, for third to think they are contributing with point out game flaws/exploits etc. Overall it exists without actual point cause useful info is found on other forums/places. Here you can only get info that is “subject to change”, so mostly useful but not really.


A poll was posted about whether you want to see ,i will take it to the team anymore, unfortunately on the poll there was a more serious matter , as Shane was using it to see whether people want to see her posting on the forums or just lurk.

This was not posted anywhere on the poll So people voted on the phrasing and not whether they want Kalishane active in the forums or not, as you can see the vote was we dont and Shane has been almost non existant here since.

Il Say this again as i think it is vitally important, we had almost 2 years of devs lurking in the forums and not answering with johnny and we all know how that went.
Even if some of the information we get from shane is wrong at least we get something and know that someone is reading our posts, we didnt get that with johnny and it made the community alot more toxic as we felt we were being ignored.

Just look at this post Hacker in Edgefield region (14 days still no response)
Its toxic as we dont know if scopley have even seen it , or if they are just ignoring it ,a simple post even if its along the lines of we are aware of it and the team are investigating from shane would solve a ton of problems, But due to a poll shane no longer answers post if she cant solve it immediately, creating more problems

Anyway the posts are below if anyone wants to read up on it


It would be nice for someone to just say yes we are aware of this problem or some sort of acknowledgement. But wn we highlight cheating it’s silent! I have used hack link several times and this guy who is selling the account will make money of it and the buyer will have hopefully a banned account but not before the guy gets away with the money! Forum was our last hope!


I see both sides of this argument. Players want to know that the devs are watching and at least trying to fix the issues that pop up … but can’t really do so without enduring the wrath of angry players (which, to be fair, are the same few people for the most part).

Don’t know if the OP was looking for suggestions, but mine is a rather simple one for now. Just institute some kind of “Read Receipt” for these threads. That way we know it’s been brought to the dev’s attention, and not just the (somewhat) angry mob :+1:t3:


And @kalishane can make a general announcement that posts that have been “Read” by a developer or CM will be taken to the team … without having to say it each individual time.


I disagree, better to leave it like this, unread and buried. Cause other option is read and buried.


To be fair, I offered to make the poll whatever she wanted and she said that was fine. The problem isn’t her posting. The problem is that most of the time “I’ll take it to the team” was never updated with any kind of meaningful post. Look at the Albert Wei thread. Had a meeting with Albert circa 2017 and never updated. Everyone would be 100% okay with “I’m kicking that up the chain” if it was followed up on with any kind of real status update.

The results of that poll show one thing above all else. People are tired of feeling like they’re getting screwed around. They’ve been tired of it. Unfortunately nothing was ever really done to change that. The response of going inactive vs providing real meaningful answers shows it in the most obvious way.

I refuse to believe the community here is worse than anywhere else, so the only logical answer as to why the forums here are usually such a mess is that it’s the leadership of the forums and the actions of the company this forum is for. Simply put, if scopely produced a better product and if site staff did a better job of communicating with the community, the state of things would be drastically different.


Lowkey if people are still spending then they have no reason to put in any effort on the forums.

There was resolution when people were not spending but now that revenue is better… yeah


This forum has become a joke. Just like her feedback threads. We have been complaining about faction assault since the first minute it came out and nothing has been changed. We have been complains about the ultra and elite gear in wheels and guess what, another even with them in it. Just sad. Everytime I download a game for a good offer I can’t help to think, my god walking dead is so much better than this”. Unfortunately this game is being ruined by the decision makers.


I’ve told lots of people the way they were talking to kalishane and taking their frustrations out on her is going to make her walk away from the forums or ignore a lot of posts, but people just think I am making things up or don’t know what I am talking about. So if you have ever talked to kalishane rude or taken your frustrations out on her personally, then you only have yourself to blame, it wasn’t hard to see that this was coming. Oh well.


So business as usual?


That’s not how real life works unfortunately. You can just answer the easy questions. You need to be able to handle the tough questions.


She’s made a visit today. So I’m suprised the OP and thread are still standing.


Almost undoubtedly people are tired of never getting satisfactory responses to issues, but as I said it’s all on whose saying it. If combat man or combatdevil say I’m looking into it I believe they will and it will be sorted but support simply say it to get you off their back.

End of the day. issues have arisen and never get the adequate response until well after they have majorly affected the game. It’s a deep routed issue steaming from the very top of the company and even the best cm in the world couldn’t do much if the department’s don’t talk to each other


But we also know the best isn’t what we’ve got. We know this because we’ve seen her victim blame the community. We know because she’s avoided giving us information and updates we know she has. The Albert Wei broken promises thread again. She told us she had the meeting and she would update us. So we KNOW she has that information. Because we know she has it, when she doesn’t post it, we KNOW she isn’t doing as she said she would.

There have been other issues as well, like how the “guaranteed” 5* issue was handled. Instead of stepping up and saying “yeah I think something is broken” she said it’s how it’s supposed to work. When pressed on the issue she doubled down and said “this is how it has worked for me, I didn’t get 5*s as well, that’s normal”(something along these lines, I’m too lazy to go find it). I know we aren’t allowed to use the “L” word here, but I’m sure it popped into a lot of people’s minds, when they see the community manager state as fact and passed history, something that is very very very unlikely to be true.


Spin doesn’t start with L.