Purple tokens what are they used for

What are they used for


Buy some let us know

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Or read other posts and get your answer

What other posts?

Valid question. I’d like to know too :thinking:

That was over a year ago

No they have them available to claim right now.

Purple tokens are usually placeholders for new tokens they have yet to reskin


Or old tokens for a collection not available anymore.
Like the harvest event… they’re most likely the leaf tokens and they forgot to take down the offer.

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You exchange them for supply depot points,

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It says they can only be used to redeem limited time reward via the token section so why would you exchange them for supply points. I’m sure once they expire they convert but as of yet nothing known

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How do you only have 1 I have 100. Because you get 100 per claim in the museum

Not sure ? I know something got converted to this token. Dont remember

They are being converted to supply points. I finally figured out what they were. They were the leaf tokens.

What is the point of converting something into a purple token just to turn around and convert it into supply tokens? They already converted the leaf tokens to supply points and now they add this where we claim banana splits for purple tokens for something we have no idea what the heck it’s for. They’re so unprepared

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They converted the day of the dead or skull tokens, I got 1 too for all of mine…

especially when they describe that they will be used in the recruits and rewards area.

Sounds like they got over on you somehow, and what’s the deal with all the dead baby back pack Governor’s they’re giving out. This makes the second one . they could at least add a different 5 star toon to give us since most of us already have so many of him. And maybe it’s just me but I’m stingy with my 5 stars and rarely sacrifice any for the greater good of another toon

So come on Scopely - what about some answers. I can still exchange banana splits for these tokens. I’ll be pissed if they just convert to supply tokens.