Purple Tokens for AOW

So looks like some purple tokens are gonna be rewards for this AOW.

Normally, a wheel would be out before war starts but no purple token wheel has been seen yet… unless, it’s the survival token then it’s absolute trash.

We’ll wait and see.

image image


There was an offer that was purple tokens that was later changed to survivor tokens. I expect the same to happen here. Fookin garbage.


Does that top milestone say 200k? not worth the refills lol


8 tokens lolol

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If so, I’m looking forward to getting the 2 bronze mods in milestones and calling it a day :sunglasses:

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Guess it should be the sunflower token


Looking at the amount given, I have doubts that it’ll be the survival tokens. 1st doesn’t even get a pull, which is wildly different from what we’ve seen with past wheels and war.


Maybe sunflower tokens?

This is scopely, anything stupid is possible.


My hope is that there are zeros missing, if nothing else.


Can’t be sunflower tokens. There’s not even forty in the stash.

If those are survival tokens… all hell will break loose lol

There’s part 2 of the stash

There is a second stash. But, still.

There’s a second stash

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Jinx, you owe me a war can.

Weird. I looked when it came out and didn’t see a second stash. Yea they must be sunflower tokens.

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Lol , lucky for you i have 2 whole war cans so i can spare one

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This is pretty bad even if it’s a 2 part AOW.

I still find it amazing how the company that runs the game can’t put out the prizes before they are leaked to a random website. Is JB that busy that he couldn’t write them in a post today. It’s pretty shocking to get best by Vk every tournament.

Usually I can play devil’s advocate or see a silver lining. This time it’s complete trash.