Purple Tokens, A New Thought

Heres just a thought, what if for events we get these tokens. even if its 1st place gets 10 2nd place gets 8 3rd place gets 6 etc. i know its a little amount but the event is on for 90 days. everyone will get at least one pull from it guaranteed (assuming your attempting every event)
whats your thoughts?


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Wish there was a way to get these tokens without having to throw down a hell of a lot of money lol


Thats why im saying it should be event rewards e.g lvl up, raid, war. etc


Can you add an option for “why the fuck is everyone so desperate for people tokens when there is a 95% chance at getting Abe”

That’d be my vote


I would rather have a chance at a good toon then 5 star tokens and no chance at a good toon.

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Can’t agree if the little homies ain’t getting some. I’m already starting to see players from top factions with Erika, either they had them before it not. Everyone should have a chance at one of those toons, regardless of it’s one pull or several.


This event and the clover event being majorly p2w is honestly making me lose intrest in the game. The necklace event was good to get stuff for everyone but it is unnecessarily long and this has made it pretty boring. Can we please go back to events where you could actually grind tokens via raids/roadmaps/territories and prizes for a pull from a wheel with actual toons in.

Some of my favourite from the days before 6*s:

  • telltale events
  • the first anniversary event
  • the winter event Xmas 2016
  • hold the line

I would love a chance to earn the purple tokens event if they were very small drops from roadmaps and raids I would be willing to grind and spend cans for them.


Instead of rank put them in under milestones and I’m down


Exactly. Enough with the “top” factions. You get plenty, so stop feeling like your entitled to everything.

They have no intentions of giving them out f2p but if they were they should be tied to the milestones, not rank. That way it’s fair for everyone. Put in the work and get the rewards. This “event” is nothing more than a way to entice the spenders to spend a little more.


if it were tied to milestones you already know itll be the last one and that would only be for level up, raids and short sr. after all…put in the work and reap the rewards :smirk:.

This would increase competition in some dying regions, hope they see this and consider it.

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For the record all those events helped me in no way possible.

  1. The telltale event gave me nothing but 4*’s even though it said you were guaranteed and epic by the end. So was I the only one that got the shaft?
  2. The 1st year anniversary event didn’t give me anything I needed to progress in the game. I didn’t get any pk’s spray paint or anything of value that was worth noting in the event. Some people I know got the 5*’s out of the crates. And the Dwayne tokens gave me a green Dwight that was horrible cause the only viable toon in that wheel was Dwayne himself Caroline was garbage green Dwight was garbage and earl was garbage.
  3. Winter 2016 didn’t reward me for my efforts and I got a duplicate 5* red Shane that I got from the og 5* wheel that only had maybe 3 good toons in it at the time.
  4. Hold the line was by far the best event for the f2p since you could get more then 1 5* out of the wheel and 90% of that wheel had good toons in it. Don’t remember what I got since I didn’t get pissed at getting another useless toon to use at the time.

So event wise they have had only 1 notable successful event in my eyes and this purple token bs so far is a slap in the face to those who still play that dont spend.


The HTL event gave me waist packs, topographic maps, one 4* weapon, and zero 5s. I may be just one of those unlucky people though since just about everyone else I knew got at least one 5*, so I might as well be speaking for myself when I’m saying that the HTL event wasn’t very helpful.

I personally enjoyed events where F2Ps were guaranteed something worth their time, like the Pick Your Side event. I’m sure that there is more than one notably successful event for free players. Otherwise, I would have felt like I’m not getting my time’s worth of progress and end up quitting the game early on.


Agree with you man ! Please scopely ! Please !!!

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Too true. While it takes me about a week to gather enough 5⭐ toon tokens and much more for silver medals, all these people from higher factions get all this easily. They can get all the ascension/LUT fodder or have more chances at F2P legacy toons faster. Some of my faction mates are much luckier than me and I pretty much have handouts. To be honest, I take dives in solo tourneys for the free Benny. Beats the token grind.


Same here. I love when the top 1000 gives out a Benny gain one level and done. I’m getting so tired of the non-stop grind.

I could get one legacy toon out of it, I would accept it happily. Carl, Abe, Ty, or Yumiko. don’t matter.

Coming closer to 100k. I was thinking about doing a 10 pull. But all I really need is Carl and Shiva. So chances must be next to 0 for one of these. :frowning:

Everyone will be guarenteed a 5* ascendable or a 6*… everyone wins