Purple limited time token

anybody know what these purple limited time tokens are for and why I have 2 different kinds of them? Please and thank you :slight_smile:

They are some old event tokens you let expire without using, so they turn purple after event ends.

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Ahhh…well that sucks lol. Thanks!

or u can buy em now for 130 gold

:joy::joy::joy: yeah nah, I’m good lol

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Cracks me up what this company does

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Yep, money hungry mf’s

Why? Why did you have to bring it up to scopely. I was just waiting for them to mess up like the last time with those purple tokens.

What did they do last time…

A bunch of people had purple coins. Then they released a wheel, it was around the time they released guardian zeke and all thise people where able to open the wheel over 1000 times since it only took one token to open. They even had erika in the wheel. And i saw a video of someone claiming all the tokens and not getting a single erika. Just search fir erika wheel in forum. You will find it

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Thnx @Daniel_Gamez_Contrer. Will search it then :slight_smile:
Edit:-I didn’t find it … maybe they removed it

@Manjetra think this might be what they are talking about:

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the report. There was an issue with a Collection that was causing the appearance of those Purple Tokens. This has been solved yesterday and everything should be back to normal.

@GR.Scopely Erm is hasn’t been fixed I still have tokens can they be generated to something else don’t want them wasted

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@Zrawtony - Yes sorry I have not been clear. Those purple tokens are placeholders tokens from past events that are now expired and therefore cannot be used anymore. They will sit in your inventory for the time being until we push an update that will clean them.


Smh. They’ve never just been cleared before.

Generally the actual tokens are converted into supply markers (or coins lol) before becoming placeholders.

Especially considering they were for sale…

@GR.Scopely I’d rather them be converted to be honest I earned them so I’d like them to be of some use in any way possible

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