Purple Coins / Glitch?

This may be a really strange question; but last night I got a bag / box and opened it. It had ten of those legendary purple coin’s in it. However the wheel has been over for… a few days now if I am correct. I messaged Scopley and all they said was that they were from leftover items from previous events. Unless I missed something there hasn’t been a new “event” that started and ended after the legendary wheel.(When I say last night I literally mean I received and opened the bag / box roughly 14 hours ago). Does anyone know why they would give me coins that now just basically sit in my inventory? Has anyone else had this happen?


You can save them for next event and do extra pulls. Would have been safer to leave them in a box

I didn’t know what was in the box. I figures it was going to be some form of gear.

That fair, I understand, I just hope you get to use them and you don’t get screwed over!

Me too :frowning:

Y’all need to sush about the purple token crate thing. Delete every trace of it from the forums

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Or we could tag moderators and get this solved…

That’s not a good idea. Don’t like the event, save for next one. Makes sense to me


My situation
A purple token suddenly appeared
The box is not opened
Say support is the previous rest