Purchase Error 300,004 - again


I get the error when buying the 0.84cent offer from Amazon.

Money is deduced. No item delivered.
Amazon issues refund.

But I want that item.

Other offers work for me (the 1.68 offer for 100 Tokens)

Anyone on Scopely side who can help?

Best wishes


Anyone successfully bought the ‘1 Dollar/Euro’ offers via the AMAZON Appstore?

Best wishes


Ich habe das gleiche Problem mit dem angebot! Hab es sogat 3 mal gekauft da immer der fehler kam… Es wurde aber auch 3 mal von meinem konto jetzt abgebucht!
Also wo bleiben die token???


Contact amazon, they will refund the money spent quickly.#
But why is this not working?

Can we get an official statement? @JB.Scopely - please?


Die paar cents…ich will lieber die chancen haben.


Contact Amazon - they need to know the offer is not working.
If many people do this, somethings might change.

But the offer for 100 Tokens - this works :slight_smile:


It’s been observed here and there some related issues involving purchases from Amazon.

Please feel free to approach our support squad for assistance on this!


I tried 16h ago. No response yet.


I’m pretty sure Amazon’s app shop systems shut down most or every night around 9pm EST until around 8am.

Can’t buy anything at night if you have the Amazon version of Walking Dead. Make your purchases during the day (EST)


Therw is 100% no way that is true.


It is almost 100% likely to be true. Especially based on what happens with Amazon gift cards.

Go to a Walgreens/CVS and try to buy an Amazon gift card after 10pm EST
Then come back and tell me how what I posted above “can’t be true”


Yes because international internet based companies are well known for keeping strick EST time zone business hours. Gtfoh


Lmao dead


I don’t buy through amazon. I buy directly through iTunes and I have the same error. It occasionally lets me buy one thing and then nothing. For the last 3 days I haven’t been able to buy anything. I have a ten day old back and forth thread with Scopely “support” and their last line was its an iTunes problem and I have to go to them. I consider this error saving me from myself. (An addict to a game the developers seem to care little about… less still about it’s customer base.)

I won’t be going to iTunes.

By the time scopely sorts this out I will hope to have gone full turkey.


I would talk to the support, but meanwhile there comes auto messages. I’m very upset, caus it ISN’T a problem by Amazon. Everything else work.


I spent 1 hour on the phone with amazon yesterday, the only one they told me is that they were going to see with the developer because the problem comes from scopely. @ JB.Scopely do something.


Just like “international internet based companies” are well known for not selling their gift cards at night.

Oh yeah, Amazon does stop selling them. GTFOH, spewing your clueless assumptions.


Please do not hesitate to approach our support if the issue persists. They’ll be able to offer you additional guidance with those.


No they don’t. They did answer in French! With a standard copy paste answer.


And the conversation I created yesterday about the game was purely and simply erased. So who should we go to for an answer ?