Purchase bug collection items

I purchased 2 snowballs the other day in my 2nd region, after missing out on them earlier sometime.
the first one went ok, but as I am sure Scopely is aware, my game crashed as usual since it crashes daily now. and I waited and I assumed the other purchase also showed up. so I finished using my world energy and switched back to my main region. and I had the purchase show up there. Where I had already collected Solange.

I tried to get support to transfer the purchase back to the region that it was made in, but we all know how helpful they can be, until I suggested getting a refund from google. They then said they could help and offered to do it for me.
Well I have waited and waited and waited, and with less than 14 hours left to collect, it doesn’t look like I am going to get another offer for the collection item, So I contacted support to have them refund the other item which I also no longer have a use for.

I tried explaining it to support, and maybe you guys actually speak or share info, but that’s 2 purchases that are getting refunded due to a programming error of some sort. And IF support had been more helpful or quicker in responding We might could have straightened things out before time has nearly run out, but I am not paying for something I can’t use.

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Let it be a lesson to put your money elsewhere and not into this gambling app :money_mouth_face:


Hi (insert name)

Sorry to hear about the issue.

Please do file a report to our support crew as they’ll be able to look into it, and compensate your account accordingly.

Thank you!yo

I will try. But Part of the problem is that I have been trying to deal with this for 4 days now thru in game support.
And them dragging it out has not only cost me a couple of bucks, but also an Ascendable 5* revive. And at least according to in game support their is nothing they can do.

So while It will be nice to get my second wasted dollar back. It does not exactly make me confident in future issues. Just sayin’

Hate to say this but support is useless and anyone helpful here is on vacation. It boggles my mind that a company as large as this doesn’t have people moderating and actually helping on forums. I realize a lot of people go on holidays. But most companies this big have 24/7 actual support. Not the ingame support that gives u auto responses that most the time have nothing to do with what u are asking.
I used to be passionate about this game. Recently I’ve left my long time faction and just started floating around and not caring much about anything. Most that know me know I have never quit playing the game, I’ve always been super into it.
There’s so many things they continue to let go to garbage. For over 3 years now they have not made 1 change in support. This game grew quickly and needs to have a lot more LIVE SUPPORT. I hope u get what’s needed but I don’t have any confidence it will

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