#PUR- My personal opinion(please read)+Scopley improvents

So it seems after this blitz failure, people are finally starting to snap. The bugs, extreme p2p events, bad progression for ftp, and utter lack of care from scopley has finally caused the beginnings of a riot. It seems people want to see Players United come back, or they want to make a new riot. The only problem with that is we make such outlandish demands sometimes, and we make them way too broad. We need to make more specific demands while being respectful and reasonable. That’s why there is 2 parts of the rest of this post, one part directed at PU and the other is a sort of guideline that seems reasonable to scopley.

There are a few main problems with gameplay.

  1. Bugs galore- it seems that we cannot go a week/ a new event without some sort of bug or glitch. These bugs can be malicious ( such as the one that made beta players unable to do draft arenas, or the one that causes played to be caught in endless reloading when trying to enter the game.) This is definitely a problem that can be fixed,but doesn’t have to be fixed all at once. I’d suggest choosing one or two major bugs a week and try to get them fixed, and to INFORM the player base about it. As it stands, the majority of the player base feels anger and disgust towards these bugs, and then at you for not fixing them. I think that could change if we see that you are working and trying to make progress towards fixing said bugs. There will always be people who hate on y’all because they can(we call said people trolls), but it would show that you are listening and caring about the playerbase.

  2. Events (specially events after Pathways). Ok, I understand that you and the development team are tired of people talking about pathways, but they do it because you made a good event, albeit rewards seemed a bit too good. The event had a lot of parts, but it was concise, well thought out, and worth the time. You laid out clearly that there was 3 different energies for 6 different roadmaps, each energy correlating to 2 roadmaps. Three of the roadmaps would get you an ok ascendables, the others energy for a different roadmap/random chance crate with coins, benedicts, and mods. It seems that you mixed up the rewards a bit, as you could gain massive amounts of crates, and level ups became insane for a little bit. The cool thing about it was that was that those rewards were good, but you could also get a cool new toon-Piper. Stun on rush, with a disarm active. I’m sure it helped out many a ftp for controlling the enemy team. Rewards were great, the grind was enjoyable, event was challenging in a good way. It all tied together for an enjoyable experience and it made people happy and want to play the game.
    Fast forward to Michelle event. Probably the last decent event we had for a long time. You participate in events, hit all milestones, you get a great attacking leader. The grind wasn’t as fun, but it was obtainable and the character was very good, so people strived for the end goal and enjoyed said event. Then came the horrible events to follow.
    Anniversary event was just bad. Nothing else to say. Rewards were lackluster, Sergio was really bad, and it was the first anniversary event you could not beat without paying, which not only was a slap to the face of the players, but you did not try to even clue us in and all of our hard work has been wasted. Now, I want you to look back to anniversary event from last year. I actually enjoyed the grind for Garrett, even though I never used him. Rewards were good, and grind was reasonable.
    Ever since Anniversary event, event have reaked with how much you want people to spend. I understand that you need to fit a profit margin, and I have ways that you help you with that later down. The main point of this is that event need to be less convoluted, more accessible to the wider player base, and more fun. Good reward with a fun event idea plus reasonable grind equals happiness from the players and more people likely to spend.

  3. Survivors Club. I understand what survivors Club was about, monthly subscription for a little bit of extra content. It’s something other games have done and done well, yet you have missed the mark on it. I’m a non survivors Club member myself, but I’ve heard what others say about it, so here are some suggestions that would not only make current survivors Club members happy, but draw in more of them as well.

  • Stack Pulls- the idea of a free pull a day was an interesting concept, but not thought out well in theory. It never really amounts to much and just causes grief from the players. So here is my suggestion: allow for pulls to stack up to increments of 40( or even up to 10). This allows for players to have a higher chance of getting the premiered character, while also making survivors club look better overall.

  • Gear Roadmap-
    Another way to increase the viability of survivors club would be a gear roadmap for them. Gear is very scarce nowadays, and people would be more willing to pay for survivors club if you gave them decent amounts of gear for having it. Lastly, scrap the 19 different survivors club collections that you have. Complicating things does nothing but make the player base mad. Make things like hatchets a single trade in, such as 1 hatchet=1 comic. This could also tie in with ftp lack of gear, make comics collections to trade in comics for upper teir gear. Would allow for the larger player base to obtain some gear and they won’t feel as stagnant while SC members would get the gear more frequently, as they get more comics overall anyways.

  • Survivors club exclusive toons-
    This was a great idea and a cool thing for Survivors club members to work towards. Toons such as Julie and Andrea fell into that gap between ftp and p2p toons, which is perfect, as that is what you pay for as a SC member, to have a slight edge without emptying your wallet. Bring this back! Have a four new SC toons a year, one every 3 months. Even if you will never use a character, it is gratifying to get a new one.You could also implement SC being able to trade in comics for sclass items. This would give them a slight edge over ftp, without completely blowing them out of the water

  • Crafting without parts-
    This was an interesting one to say the least. It was a good idea, but poorely thought out, as most people usually only ran low on critical chance items(such as duct tape), over normal parts. So here’s an idea. Make crafting any regular crafting cost no part, not even critical parts. Anything above that(such as t4 upgrades like impair +elusive), would stay the same as it is now, Free parts for crafting but requires critical parts. Also, give SC 2 blowtorches a week. It increases the value of SC as who wouldn’t want to skip 8 crafts a month, but it just feels good to be able to do it.
    Those changes would dramatically increase the value of SC and make it much more commonplace than it is now.

  1. Tournament Rewards Tournament rewards have been lackluster as of late, and need a few tweaks overall. Players are lacking the essentials to even play, such as gear, level up fodder, etc.
    All solo and faction tournaments should award the same amount of sclass items. If a level up gives 2 thousand sclass collectibles, so should raid and survival road. Which brings me to my next thing. These collectible rewards should be a choice box. These choice boxes should be in all rankings and each rank lower should equal less boxes. Each box should hold multiple types of sclass items as well as 5* tokens which will benefit newer players. To keep balance, these choices boxes should have a premiered collectible(let’s use Gou as an example.) In each collectible box have

100 Gou Cards

50 of other sclass cards

2 thousand 5* tokens

This means 1st place would get 20 of these boxes, 2nd-3rd 8 or so and so on and so forth. This would still reward players for participating even if they didn’t want the premiered cards.

Now let’s get onto how to improve tournaments in general.

Level Up-Take all milestone rewards and multiply them by x2.
For placement rewards, players should be gaurenteed 100 cards of premiered cards for participating.
Maybe add more milestones past 3 million, but that would be more for upper level players.

Raid Multiply milestone rewards by x2.
Add more milestones(up to about 5k which is a normal score now).
Make placement rewards have the same sclass card system as level up, and have blowtorches along with 5* critical parts as rewards.

Survival Road- Multiply milestone rewards by x2.
Add a new a New survival road stage between elite and legendary.
Sclass card system needs to be the same as level up and raid.
Times survival markers given by 1.5x for doing stages and for placement.

War- Better ranking system. Rank 50 should not be getting same rewards as rank 20.
Top 15 placing factions should get a guarenteed war pull like they used too.
Milestones need to be multiplied by x2(except for war token choice boxes).
More milestones(up to 250k) need to be added.
Fill up all milestone reward slots.
Placement rewards sclass item choice boxes should have, at minimum, 100 items per choice to choose from.(100 keys, 100 cones, etc.)
Make war tokens able to be traded in for gear, trainers, etc. As some players will have all war toons in a wheel

Lastly, it’s time to tackle wheels, which all players use. They need a bit of tweaking, but are close to good.

** All character Wheels should be updated 4 times a year, every 3 months**

War Wheel-Needs at least 8 characters
Need to be meta relevant
Make it stash like, you can get all 4 toons once, them stash will reset and you can pull again. Would help to lessen dupes in pulls.

Prestige Wheel-bump up chance for ascendables to 10%

5 Wheel*- bump up chance for ascendables to 15%
More meta relevant characters need to be in it

4 star wheel-No change

** 4* Weapon wheel**- add 5* weapons to the wheel with 2% for them
Make weapons in wheel more meta relevant

All other wheels don’t need any tweaking, but a new wheel should be added- 6* wheel.

6 wheel*- This wheel would contain meta relevant characters and would have a 10% chance to pull 6*, 90% chance for ascendables. Tokens would he grindable, ftp would be able to get 3 pulls gaurenteed a month from grinding( this would also be a good way to bring back login stashes).

These are just some quality of life things that would increase player happiness, player involvement, and player spending.
The main way this would work is players need to know what you are working on each week. Most players feel you don’t do anything, and an agenda would show that at least you are trying @GR.Scopely @Parker

Players(PU, PUR, etc):
If you really want to combat the practices of scopley, here are some ideas:
Spending strikes never work, so peaceful protest and kindness is the way to go. Keep the pressure on, keep the community buzzing about issues.
Applaud scopley on good things they do, call out LOUDLY what they do wrong.
Don’t focus or give attention to those who don’t agree with you or what you stand for. If they don’t like it, they can leave, don’t waste your energy arguing and name calling. All people have different views.
Trust and listen to your player council. They are closer than any of us to scopley. Give them ideas, give them your support. Rally behind them as a single force. They are the generals, we are the soldiers complaining about the king’s(scopleys) orders.
Most importantly, be nice and keep up the pressure. If you want this to work then we all need to rally and stay rallied, show no weakness.
Anyways, I’ve said my piece, it’s up to all of us to do something.
@Brucey @LadyGeek


Also, sorry for the long read :sweat_smile:


I’ll be honest, I skimmed a lot of that. Lol

That being said, I did read many reasonable and insightful ideas/requests.

Well done. hopefully someone of consequence takes the time to read it.


Can’t blame you, it was a lot :sweat_smile:

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PUR doesn’t sound right how about players united 2.0 or #PUT0


Name itself isn’t the important bit, its about beimg rallied and one voice.

Great thoughts and ideas!!! Before wheels, rewards and pulls and after watching the most recent train wreck and it’s botched compensation package I really think the focus should be on a working game at its core. Rewards and pulls will be nice but if we can’t even match in wars, prizes and pulls really don’t matter. My own personal thoughts, fix the core mechanics of this game…Essentially all focus should be on a workable game. Address rewards and milestones once basic events run smoothly.

That’s exactly why I put bugs at the beginning. They absolutely need fixing, rest can come in gradually.

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no more players united please lol

That is out of.my control :slight_smile:

I like the direction you’re thinking of.
First off, PU isn’t listened to by Scopely, its almost a waste of time.
Bugs are shitty and you explained that.

Not everyone is a troll that hates on Scopely, but some are.

The events recently are not good but Pathways was, but if Scopely created a second Pathways then the grind would be horrible because it would be bigger and similar to the current Christmas event. I think that they should create something like the Harvest event but 40 yellow leaves is accessible by everyone.

Your thoughts on SC were perfect and well said.

Level up milestones are so inflated and although a 2x multiplier would be good, it would still be somewhat lackluster. I think that the milestones should be halved of what they are currently.
Your ideas on Raid tourney’s good.
I think that for Survival Road, they should increase the energy cap, especially if you want them to add a whole new tab. In addition, there should definitely be SClass items in the milestone as it’s a pretty easy event at the beginning.
For war, the top rewards should be stretched and thinned more throughout the lower ranking rewards.

Now for the wheels, there should be more emphasis on getting a potential 6* like 75% (6*)/ 25% (5*) in the war wheel, Prestige wheel needs much higher rate on ascendable toon and the 5* wheel has a similar problem with Prestige wheel.
Now the 6* wheel is a great idea, but I feel that if it were to be implemented, it would be regarded similarly to how the 5* wheel was when it was first released and then more actively released to the public. Plus, there should only be 6*s in the wheel or its just the war wheel with worse rates.

This is what I was told in my Home Ed class in 8th grade.
But being serious, you have some great ideas that I would love to see added to this corrupted game.
Just keep thinking of shit like this and you’ll hopefully develop an understanding with Scopely!

Meh while it bothers me it is close to Christmas,They’re forgiven. :smile:

I really like the sc stacking pulls idea. I mean you really get bugger all for the subscription to be honest. O actually cancelled mine because I felt the value just isn’t there at all

Didnt even think about raising survival energy cap, smart. It was just a thrown together thing, I’m sure I missed the mark on some things/omitted some things entirely, just trying to make an outline of sorts for what people need. :grin:

People that spend have enough built in advantage as is how about make a daily 100% free pull for all that stacks

Meh. Scopely only speaks dolla dolla bills, y’all. If you want them to change, there needs to be SIGNIFICANT reduction in revenue IN ALL FORMS. That means tapjoy and vids too. Its simple: STOP. STREAMING. REVENUE. ALL OF YOU.


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Wow thank you actually for typing out that cause tbh my lazy ass didnt want to lol but agreed, esp the part directed to the players/pu. I said these things in my thread in the comments, i really feel like we got lost in it all and spent a lot of energy on the trolls. I dont agree about the spending as i am sure most people know by now. Also yes about PC, i do say tho scopely made it as a shield for themselves but i have nothing against PC, they really want a better game

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Ummm lol i dont think we want to call it that :rofl: i know that is a zero but anyone speak Spanish? :rofl:


That crossed my mind too hahahaha

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Thank you for writing that! Well put together.