Punishment for Cheating


So, I have been hearing a lot of concerns from people in my faction on whether or not there is going to be punishment for the macro farming incident? I think anyone who continues to use it after @kalishane said it was against TOS might face consequences, but the ones who stopped after it was said shouldn’t. Just trying to get some clarity on this matter. I know of 2 different people who had their account banned from buying VK toons, so it might be why there are some worries here. Especially for those who have put in a great deal of money into this game. Thanks!


My best advice would be to not continue to do it.

I can’t speak to whether we will go back in-time, identify those accounts that have and take action – but I would definitely not continue.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll pass it on!


That was…kinda…unconvincingly. Like at all, many would risk for a stun gun after armory exploit and Wendy gate. My former faction m8 already got it, he was running autoclicker all night. And these ss are from vk, it seems like if it supposed to be G36 collection


I dont understand whats the Problem to use autocklicker in an pve Part its the same as i Click all night on repeat.