Pulls odds got nerfed?

Hi there,

I’m pulling for premiere recruits for 2 month now and it seems that the odds got nerfed. I have pulled for almost all premiere recruits since Survivor Club came up and haven’t pulled any of them.
I pulls only useless 5* and 4*. Is it the same for you?

I have stopped my SC suscription because of that, will do it again when getting better odds!


You’re expecting to land an ascendable from a SC single pull?

Good luck with that, possible of course, but only just.

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No i was talking in general single, 10 pulls and Max pulls !

Think the average to land the advertised premier toon is 2/3 big pulls.

Usually get an ascendable in a 40.

Or you can be like this one person who did 15 big pulls for a new character a few months back :joy:

OP, if it makes you feel better, I spent $35 and only got 4*s lmao.

I once got 6* Lydia from a single pull though

To be honest, the ‘free’ one pull a day from survivors club was one of my favorite things about it.

I’d do single pulls here and there, never win, but it was fun to ‘take a shot’

Well 3 months of daily pulls and I’ve gotten one non-ascendable 5* and rest 4* trash.

I’m not saying they nerfed single pulls but I really don’t trust that little * under odds that says ‘odds may increase with pulls’ makes me suspicious.

I’ve heard people say that is referring to the ‘guarantee’ 5* at 40, but its pretty vague and could easily imply odds just increase the more you pull on that wheel, and since we are limited to one a day, we only ever get the ‘worst’ odds possible. I’ve seen many gacha games to that, even so far as to advertise the odds increase in bulk purchases as part of the sale pitch.

Anyway, nerf or not, the ‘thrill’ of taking a shot at a single pull is gone. Just makes it easier to cancel the old survivor club which is looking more and more like a terrible deal (it never was good, basically buy a shield for $100 over 4 months - but at some points I at least considered there was at least one other worthwhile benefit for me)


I agree it does feel different.

I pulled both alice and Pamela in single pulls (alice as a 6* and Pamela as a subscription pull) so it is possible

Yes this is correct. Way way harder to pull toons now

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You are a liar, nobody believes you.

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I legit swear on my account

i have gone through every region today trying to see if i can pull harper with sc and no luck soo… i pulled like 5 other ascendable or 6* though

I pulled multiple ascendables from single pulls.

They nerfed it due to a exploit

i use tapjoy so i dont lose money getting screwed over like this

Mines is the same as it’s always been, 0, so working perfectly in my experience

It’s a stupid caveat which doesn’t make sense in most of the places where you see it. E.g. On the war stash. If there are 40 items, each time you pull odds for the remaining items must increase.

Yep it sucks

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