Pulls Bug, please help

I tried to do a 10 pull for the new toon, Elena, and I had 43k coins when I started. After I hit the button for a 10 pull, it didn’t stop after the 10th pull, the game opened a few extra toons and then crashed. My coin balance lost 8.2k coins (the price of a 40 pull) and I tried another 10 since I was already 8k coins down and it did it again, for every 10 I tried it’d take 8,200 coins, and it gave me the toon after trying to do it another time or town but I unwillingly lost around 32k coins, which is about $400 worth of coins, and when I tried to contact Scopely about it through support I kept getting automated messages that didn’t address my issue. There was a bug with my game, I lost coins I spent money on and I was saving them for a specific toon, it’s happened before on the Jessie promo and even sc pulls where more than what was opened or clicked on would come out, Scopely kept giving me bs responses so I’m hoping I can get help on here, I just want the coins i lost back, they can take away the Elena I did eventually get as I know they have taken toons from bugs and issues in replacement for the coins spent before. Please help because I couldn’t even get support to address my actual problem.

Lol good luck getting them back should have stopped after the first error. Scopely doesn’t care. You got the toon. keep on surviving


so you saw there was a problem but kept just pushing the button to do more


After it takes 8k coins away for it it’s go big or go home, didn’t expect it to keep happening

Well your loss then. They won’t refund you the coins

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but you kept just pushing the button so oh well you should have stopped at the first mistake


Sounds fishy lol


It’s not like I’m trying to keep the coins and the toon, I’m just trying to get my coins back, and they can happily take everything I got from the pulls including Elena, they’ve refunded coins for bugs before, the same thing happened when I did a 10 on Jessie, only it went back to normal after so it wasn’t a big deal as the loss wasn’t as big, I’ve also had sc pulls open 3-4 toons and crash before. and to those saying I should’ve stopped after the first “10 pull” I didn’t notice the problem until after the second 10

and then you just did 2 more :thinking:


lmao yeah

If I have 43k coins and the game takes 16k for trying to pull them I’m gonna try to open another 1or 2 to get the character, the problem happened for me with the Jessie wheel and it went back to normal after happening once so I assumed it would again.

Did you get her?

I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and I’ve played from almost the start, I’m not new and I’m not just trying to get my coins back because it’s worth a little bit of money. I’m upset because when I unwillingly get charged 16k coins I’m not just gonna roll over. I’ve been pulling for a long time and have only had this problem in the last 2-3 weeks (for the only two promos I’ve spent coins on)

ok well you have to just send a ticket to support there wont probably be help for you here

I tried that, half tempted to post the screenshots because everyone knows how much of a joke Scopely support tickets are

Probably not what you want to hear but you’re more than likely going to have to recreate the bug again and record it to show someone like GR proof of the problem before they believe you (not saying I don’t)

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The most help I can say is try emailing them, with screen shot evidence . At the very least you can walk away with the promo. The email is still worth it to potentially fix future issues

He probably won’t have screens of them, which will make it like you’re lying just to get refunds. But jokes on us, they don’t do refunds at Nopely. Try Google play, they seem to be more willing to help you through it, I would definitely include screenshots of your conversation with support to show them how much of a joke they are, and offer little help.

I’m not even trying to get my money back, I just want the coins back bc I was saving them for the S class Hengyen I saw that’s coming out…

I didn’t intend on going hard for Elena because I only thought she’d be fun to use, I don’t think she’s that good in comparison to the types of toons coming out right now