Pulling on the wheel

2 back to back 40 pulls without single ascendable. This needs fixing and quick. Pulled 60 this time and got 0 ascendables…


Thanks for making my day.


Mind you this was tapjoy coin. Still very much united.

What makes you think that is anything that will be changed

At least you got some cake
mmmmm pixelcake


My apologies. I swear they mark tapjoy coins so they don’t pay out wel.


I’m in that conspiracy theory line of thinking. I don’t think I’ve ever received anything good from tapjoy earned coins and have accumulated maybe 40-50k over the course of 3 years.

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It’s under 1% for any form of ascendable… I’d say save your coin for boosted odds… They do happen.

I got Elle from tapjoy coin.

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The odds are horrendous. However I need no fixing.

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My best is 22 000 coins and no ascendable :wink:

Me too and Raven. Recently got my 3rd Cole aswell :pensive:

They haven’t done increased odds in a long time have they?

They are rare. It certainly won’t be done on s class. Maybe for Christmas we’ll get increased chances to pull on non relevant characters

If you lower the odds then increase them back to the original odds, that’s the way of this game.

A lot of people on here did maths to show why the increase in odds at the expense of removing the guaranteed pull was better and welcomed it.

I said at the time a guaranteed ascendable every 40 pulls was better than a chance at none, but apparently their maths (which they couldn’t explain or justify but which was apparently absolute proof) said I was wrong.

You’re proof why I was right. Probably not much consolation though.


Nope. Was the last Negan wheel and the current LaoPo wheel. Sorely disappointed. Did get a shiny new HS for the trouble and the last one gave Wayland for 40 pulls with bonus rewards. Hardly worth it tho… All within the last 2 weeks.

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I already did over 10+ pulls on the new 5* token wheel and only GOT TRASH not even a single 4/10 ascendable like Knox…

This aint no bug this is scopely beign Mobile ea

My best is 38k coin no ascendancy.
85k with 2 ascendancy both dupe Gen 1.