Pulled 5* on pull 12 on a 40....But


On premier.

So I pulled a 5* on pull 12 of a 40 pull.
So then thinking I’d need only do another 12 pulls after for another I did 2 singles and a 10pull.
But no 5*…
So I did a few more singles thinking it may count after the pull but nothing.

Did another 10 and got one on the last pull.

Is this the way it’s supposed to work?
Just wondering if maybe I got it wrong…


It doesn’t reset the moment you get a 5*, it resets after every 40th pull.


Ahhhh. Ok thanks.

So about if you do a 10 pull. If you got a 5* on the 5th pull It would go back to 0 pulls.

But if you didn’t get 1 If would be 10 pulls counted towards one.


What? No!. How’d you get 10 pull from 40 pulls?


Guarnteed 1 in 40, if you pull one in a 10 you may have to wait till the 80th pull till your next one


If you get any *5 before the 40th pull, then you’re lucky. You’re supposed to get 1 in every 40th pull. After that, it will reset again. cmiiw


The crazy part is…why are people pulling on a worse system? Why worse? Because they pulled another fast one on the players.

So before the “guaranteed” one 5* per forty opens you were only lucky if you managed to pull a 5* no matter how many pull it took, but while not stated as “guaranteed” during the 5* era in the forty open for example, you would get several 4s and the rest 3, NO 2* to further water down the pool. Hope you still following.

Now with 6s, 5s are pretty much worthless almost more so than the utility many 4* still had when 5* dominated. So in this current state you should feel lucky if you got a 6* from any pull (or at least the 5* variant that’s ascendance ready). 5s should be dropping like how 4s did when 5*s was the top tier.

That said they sneakily came out with this idea that you are guaranteed (1) one 5* but are ONLY guaranteed this if you open forty, when essentially you should not need this guarantee since they should be dropping way more since they are practically 4* equivalents now due to 6*. Sure people get a 5* without opening the whole forty pulls, but again, don’t fool yourself, that’s nothing new. People pulled doubles 5* in ten pulls prior to 6*. Further, they now still give 3* and 4* same as when it was a 5* world, with no increase to the 5* drop rate, further watering down your chance at a 6*, and that of getting a 5*! Wise up people and think about what they are doing to you!

P.s. While you are guaranteed one 5* in forty pulls, besides Viktor gate (which is in my opinion how the 5* drop rate should be now since 6s are the prizes, not pulling a 5) people are not getting multiple 5* per forty pull, yet they want you to trade in (8) eight, $800 dollars worth if going by the guarantee pull math, just to make one 6* . Wake up people


No. 40 pulls total. Basically imagine each pull as a box, you open the boxes and know at least one has a 5* inside. They are arranged in a 5x8 formation if that helps.

Theres endless sets of those 40 but you cant start the second set until you finish the first one.


Thanks Everyone.

So I was lucky to get the 2nd 5* when I did. (On around 26pulls)

Well this will reduce my need to finish off the 40 number.
They may make more money doing it like I thought it was…people would want to finish off there next pull.

I won’t be making that mistake again.


I know half the crap support tell us is just whatever pops into their brains right at the moment of typing a reply, but they once told me the 5* appears on the last pull of 40 pulls, from whenever you got the last epic. The example they game me when I didn’t get a 5 from 40 pulls is because I got barker from a promo/token event so there is my epic.

Of course every support person says this differently.