Pull rates added


No premier toon today?

Notice how there isn’t a pull rate for premier or 6☆ period




Because you can’t get 6*s from that wheel.


So this is why the premier wheel isnt there!! LOL!!!


Is that the wheel that you use elite tokens on? Premier or 6* wouldn’t be on that one.


If you go to 5* tokens it says the odds of an ascendable are 7%


Now we will have a chance to see how low are the odds to pull a 6*. And also the odds for events.


So they did hit us up for one last big cash grab before being forced to put up the odds. :scream:

Love the transparancy from Scopes!


Erika’s odds : 0%


Told you lol


Still no odds on crates/bags.


This requires a bit more development than what has just been added. We are working on this.


Whats wrong with it @kalishane


So when will premier recruits return?


Thanks for the quick answer. Well, I’m liking the new changes.

Definitely another step on the right direction.


7% for an ascendable recruit? Damn. Let’s hope the improvements come soon.


thank you @kalishane. Transparency is important for your player base/customers.


Expect prices changes and more Stashes for future premier toon’s.


Odds for premier’s must of been lower than any of us could have imagined if they completly took that shit off the table