Pull on negan or wait

Should I do a 40 on negan or what is the next promo?

Yes very few better toons out there without collections

Are next toons leaked?

you get a free wayland with a 40 pull at the moment, swayed me when pulling for elle. There may be a different toon when the bonus mission resets tomorrow. Just some things that may play into your decision.


Excited! Game crashed when I pulled so


For people who don’t know too, Ryker is now F2P via wheels. So if you do a 40, you can get Wayland, get Ryker in the future, and make dual specialist Axel.


With what kites?


Wait till they’re in store. Sucks, that it’ll cost money, but if you can hoard up video/league coins, some might want the upgrade to Axel.

93 pulls and nada…

I saved coins and did a 60 pull last night. No 6 star or ascendable

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I would pull for negan.

I got him on my 14th pull

Tapjoy coins

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Anyone know why there is a piece of cake next to my name?

FYI… 0.5% odds is 1/200 pulls. Or 5 x 40 pulls

Cause you a snack

I couldnt imagie doing 200 pulls. That would be an estimate of arouns 410 dollars

I also did tapjoy offers, took me 2 days for tapjoy to give me my coins.

I wouldn’t pull any1 unless you know they can become S class sooner then later.

where is negan i cant see him in any wheel atm ?

I would pull for negan too